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How To Alter Garments In Elden Ring

Read this guide to learn how to alter garments and armor in Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, you can change the appearance of your character by altering his garments. Apart from making your character look cool, it also allows you to decrease the weight of your armor at the cost of some stats. So if you prioritize a speedy build then you must learn how to do it. Moreover, if you are just looking to make your character aesthetically pleasing then this guide is just for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do to alter garments in Elden Ring.


How to Alter Garments & Armor in Elden Ring


In order to alter garments in Elden Ring, you first need Tailoring Tools and a Sewing Needle. Let us check out how to find them.

Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle Location in Elden Ring

Demi-Human Chiefs location in Limgrave


To get your hands on tailoring tools and the sewing needle, you first need to beat the Demi-Human chief bosses.

These Demi-Human Chiefs are located in the Coastal Cave west of the First Step in Limgrave. We recommend you begin at the Church of Elleh. From here, go to merchant Kale and acquire a torch, an item you will find quite helpful when exploring the Cave. After entering the cave, move further till you reach the Boss Fight Area. Now do not enter the area right away to fight both the Chiefs. Since fighting multiple opponents at once is a quick way to demise, try separating the bosses. To do this, use your ranged weapon to lure one chief near the entrance. After defeating it, move on to the next and you will be rewarded with the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools. Using these items, you can alter your armor.


Altering Garments in Elden Ring

After defeating the two bosses, go further in and you will find a Site of Grace. To change your appearance:

  • Interact with a Site of Grace.
  • In the menu, scroll down to Alter Garments.
  • In there, you can select the armor set you want to alter, which will cost you 500 Runes.

Alter Armor for Free

If 500 Runes seems too much then you can alter your armor for free by completing Boc the Seamster’s questline. He is located near the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. To encounter him, follow the main path toward the Stone Bridge from the Site of Grace. Then, turn left before the bridge towards the trees. As you move toward the trees, you will hear a voice calling for you. Follow that voice and you will reach a shrub. Hit that shrub and you will meet Boc the Seamster. Then by completing his questline, you will be able to change your appearance for free.


Altering Demigod Armor

As you further progress in the game, you will face and defeat many Demigods. By beating them, you will get pieces of the Demigod armor. To change the appearance of this armor, you will need a special item called the Golden Needle. To obtain it, head over to the Church of Vows to the east of Liurnia of the Lakes. Then, go to the Altar and open the Chest by it. Now, you can go to Boc in Leyndell and give him the Golden Needle to alter your Demigod Armor. Or you can use the Golden Tailoring Tools to alter it yourself at any Site of Grace. 

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