How To Easily Alt Kill The Unclean One In Remnant From The Ashes

Prasad More
3 Min Read

Remnant From The Ashes provides players with an option to have an alternative kill to take down bosses, these alt kills result in different drops which can be very lucrative, and learning how to get the alt kill is always fun. Check out this guide to know how to alternatively kill the Unclean one in Remnant from the ashes.

How To Alt Kill Unclean One In Remnant From The Ashes

The alt kill methods are often fun but you can’t just spring on anyone and get to do it, you will need to unlock the alt kill. Remnant From The Ashes has brought up a new alt kill for the Butcher who is also known as the Unclean One.

If you are new, you will find the Unclean One down in the swamps of Corsus. The spawn rate of this boss is random, so you might have to keep going back a couple of times to find him there. Once you find him though, do not rush into battle, instead, you will want to enter the Unclean One’s large shack.

Once inside, turn right and find a passageway that leads downwards, you should be able to see stairs leading down and below the stairs are a couple of pots. Go to the left pot in the middle of the room and sit inside.

Once inside the pot, wait for 10-15 seconds and the entire screen will go black momentarily. After the visuals start coming back, you will see the Unclean One appear downstairs.

All you have to do now is kill off this boss and you will get the alt kill for the Butcher, aka the Unclean One.

After you kill this boss, you stand to earn a Hammerhead’s Ore from his drop. You can use this to trade it back at the base for a Butcher’s Flail melee weapon.

The mod ability is a Corrosive Strike and has a 36% chance of affecting enemies with corroded effect. It will also reduce every enemy’s defense by 15% for 10 seconds giving you a huge incentive you use the alt kill on the Unclean One even more.

Using a charged effect will get you a confirmed corroded strike and it is one of the best melee weapons in Remnant From The Ashes.

That’s all there is to know how to get the alt kill on the Unclean One in Remnant From The Ashes. Make sure to check out other guides on this as well.