AC Valhalla Alrekstad Cellar Location Guide: Where to Find Key & How to Open Cellar

The cellar key is hidden in the pig's shit.

When you get to Alrekstad in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will find a new ability, ‘Mark of Death’. It is hidden in an underground room but the cellar is looked. If you have found the entrance of the room, you will need a key to open the cellar.

To get the new ability, you will have to find the key first. If you are wondering where to find the cellar key in AC Valhalla then there is a muddy half-eaten note that has useful information regarding the key. If you have been having trouble finding the cellar key and entering the cellar then this guide will show you how to get the new ability.

AC Valhalla Alrekstad Cellar Key Location & Cellar Entrance

Muddy half-eaten note

Muddy Note

As we have mentioned above that you will find a muddy half-eaten note on the table. The note will give you a clue about where to find the cellar key. The note reads: “The pigs got loose in the house, and now the cellar key is gone. It is your turn to dig through the shit“.

Where to find cellar key?

Cellar Key Location

The cellar key is hidden in the pig’s shit. It is yet to be ascertained whether someone has dropped the cellar key in pig’s hit or the key was eaten by one of the pigs. It is possible that they might have eaten the key. You will get the key in a fresh pile of droppings.

How to enter cellar?

Once you get your hands on a cellar key, turn around and there you will see a pile of stuff hanging in a net. You simply need to shot the hook using the arrow. Shooting the hook will make a way leading to the cellar. You will have jump down and follow the tunnel and you will end up reaching the cellar.  Now, it is time to unlock the cellar using the key that you just picked from the pig’s hit.

Upon entering the room, you will find a book and you will have a new ability unlocked ‘Mark of Death’.

That’s all you need to know about how to find the cellar key and unlock the cellar in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. While you are here, you might want to read about how to sell weapons and how to get Coelbert out of the cave in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to easily complete the Bloody Path to Peace quest.

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