All Enemies In Sons Of The Forest (Mutants, Demons & More)

Here are all the Enemies that you are going to encounter while playing Sons of the Forest.

While surviving in the woods, you are completely on your own. In the meanwhile, you will come across several types of enemies. Not only C*nnibals, but also Mutants, and sometimes Demons will show up to haunt you. This is just a gist of what’s coming your way once you enter the deadly island. As a survivalist, you must know about all the creatures before you face them. That being said, here is a list of all the Enemy types you will encounter while playing Sons of the Forest.

All Enemy Types you will Encounter in Sons of the Forest

Here is a complete list of creatures that you are going to come across in SOTF:

  • C*nnibals
    • Golden-Masked C*nnibals
    • Propeller Carrier
    • Dirty C*nnibals
    • Bruts
    • Titans
  • Mutants
    • Blind Mutants
    • Fingers
    • Twins
    • Rattler Twins
    • Mutant Babies
    • Sluggy
    • Demons
  • Animals
    • Sharks
    • Orcas

All Enemy Types you will Encounter in Sons of the Forest

Golden-Masked C*nnibals

This enemy type in Sons of the Forest is stronger than all other C*nnibals in its tribe. Usually, their behavior toward our in-game character and Regular C*nnibals is unfriendly. They wear Golden/Red masks which makes them the leader of the tribe. Strangely, if our character wears a mask, other C*nnibals will think of him as a leader as well.

Propeller Carrier

As the name suggests, a C*nnibal carrying the Motor Propeller is known as the Propeller Carrier. A single blow from the Propeller is capable enough to knock you out.

Dirty C*nnibals

If you find C*nnibal hiding in bushes or trees, it is most probably a Dirty C*nnibal. Commonly, this enemy type in Sons of the Forest does not attack unless provoked. You will rarely find a Dirty C*nnibal alone as they are found in groups. They call for backup just to scare you out and in the worst cases, they prefer attacking the player.


A C*nnibal that carries a Boat Engine is a Brute enemy type in Sons of the Forest. If it connects even a single strike with the engine, you will be knocked out immediately. Luckily, Brutes can be dodged easily as they take a bit of time to charge up.


This enemy type is exactly what its name says about it, the Titan. They are comparatively very wide and huge in size. This C*nnibal is the powerhouse of its tribe that carries the strength to tear apart anyone with bare hands. Best of luck if you ever cross paths with this enemy in Sons of the Forest.

Blind Mutants

This Creepy Mutant does not have any eyes and hence, can’t spot you. Although, it has a higher sense of hearing with the help of which, it attacks the player. Both male and female variants of Blind Mutants are found lurking under the ground.


Fingers Mutant type is all about Fingers and not about the Head. Instead of a Face, Neck, and Torso, this creature has plenty of Fingers lined up vertically. At first glance, a Fingers seems like a Venus Flytrap walking around with legs.


One of the most commonly found enemies in Sons of the Forest is the Twins. They are basically 2 Mutants who are attached to each other by the skin. Even though Twins have 2 bodies to move at once, they are pretty quick and agile. When encountered, they launch themselves on their target to cause damage.

Rattler Twins

Another pair of Mutant enemy types in Sons of the Forest is the Rattler Twins. However, they are more aggressive and dangerous than the previous variant. While moving, they bring another half on top like a Rainbow and perform a front somersault to land. Beware! If you are spotted by Rattler Twins, they will chase & attack you. Fans who have played The Forest calls this enemy John 2.0.

Mutant Babies

As disturbing as it sounds, a Mutant Baby is found lying on the ground attached to the umbilical cord. They are generally found inside caves or underground bunkers. When in range, they jump and attack the player.


Normally found inside Bunkers, a Sluggy is usually known for blocking the path. It appears as a huge fat slug with multiple human organs attached to its body.


A Demon is an end-game enemy that is found inside a cave filled with lava. In Sons of the Forest, this enemy can be burnt to ashes with the help of the Cross (Secret Weapon).


Like in real-life, Sharks are found under the ocean or in pools inside caves.


Apart from Sharks, an Orcas Whale is another reason for you to stay away from water. This hostile animal can even come near the shore so stay careful near water bodies.

These were all the types of Enemies who are a potential threat to you in Sons of the Forest.

That covers everything about all the Enemies you will come across. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other SOTF Guides on Gamer Tweak.