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Evil Dead Game: All Playable Demons & Their Abilities

Interested in learning about all playable demons in Evil Dead The Game and their abilities? This guide has you covered.

There are 9 playable demons that have different abilities in Evil Dead The Game. Each of them serves a different purpose, in fact, they are even divided into different classes to help players better. We have Warlord, the demons in this class have many AoE attacks up their sleeve. Then we have Puppeteer which has a good chunk of crowd control and ranged attacks. And lastly, we also have Necromancer the class that overwhelms the survivors in numbers. So let us check all Playable Demons in Evil Dead The Game (EDTG) and their abilities.

All Playable Demons & Their Abilities in Evil Dead The Game


all playable demons in evil dead the game and their abilities

There are 3 Demon classes in this game.

  • Warlord
  • Puppeteer
  • Necromancer


Here is what you can do with them.


  • Henrietta (Boss)
    • Belly Flop: This is an AoE attack. She will launch herself at the survivors and slam to the ground. Anyone that is in the range of its shockwave will take damage.
    • Gas Leak: She will leave behind it a trail of toxic fumes.
    • Granny Hug: Henrietta will squeeze a survivor’s head. They cannot escape this attack and can only be freed when another survivor attacks her.
  • Deadite Elite (Elite Unit)
    • Deadite Smash: It will charge in front of it and smash the ground. The shockwave will deal damage to anyone that gets in its range.
    • Big Swing: A slow swing attack that covers 180 degrees of the area and deals a ton of damage to the ones that get hit by it.
  • Deadite (Basic Unit)
    • Puke: It will use its v*m*it as a projectile weapon that does a lot of damage to the survivors.
    • Farewell to Arms: It can rip out its arm and attack with it.
    • Dodge: Will dodge survivor attacks.



  • Eligos (Boss)
    • Telekinetic Surge: It will use this ability to immobilize any survivors in its range.
    • Casting Stones: It will launch stones at the survivors. They will take damage if they get hit.
    • Psychic Squeeze: Eligos will use a telekinetic ability to attack a single survivor. Survivors cannot dodge this attack, the only way to escape is when another survivor saves them by attacking Eligos.
  • Demi-Eligos (Elite Unit)
    • Thunderstruck: It will mark the ground beneath the survivors, they will get struck by a lightning. Survivors can dodge this attack by moving away from the mark.
    • Duplicity: It will create a clone that has very low health but has the same damage-dealing abilities.
  • Deadite Berserker (Basic Unit)
    • Self Destruct: It can choose to explode at any time and damage the survivors that get in their blast range.
    • Head Rush: Another explosive ability, they will throw their head at survivors. This ability causes an explosion.
    • Dodge: Will dodge survivor attacks.

Necromancer – All Demon Abilities in Evil Dead The Game


  • Evil Ash (Boss)
    • Skeletal Support: Evil Ash will summon skeletons to help him in the fight.
    • Skeleton Resurrection: If the survivor kills a skeleton but it is in the area where aura is in effect then it will come back to life.
    • Infernal Invigoration: Evil Ash will choke and lift a survivor to steal their life. The survivor will keep losing their life until another survivor attacks Evil Ash to break them free.
    • Dodge: Will dodge survivor attacks.
  • Skeleton Elite (Elite Unit)
    • Trident Smash: This is an AoE attack. The Skeleton Elite will charge and smack its trident on the ground that deals damage via a shockwave to anyone within the range.
    • Trident Toss: Skeleton Elite will throw the trident like a spear at any of the survivors. If it hits, the survivor will take a lot of damage.
  • Skeleton (Basic Unit)
    • Lunging Thrust: Uses its spear to thrust at a survivor.
    • War Cry: It will yell to deal damage and knock back any survivors in the range of the scream.
    • Dodge: Will dodge survivor attacks.

That covers this guide on All playable Demons in Evil Dead The Game (EDTG) and their abilities. You should check out our Evil Dead The Game guides to get help with other topics on this game.