All Club Roblox Egg Locations For Egg Hunt 2023

Check out all the egg locations for Club Roblox Easter Hunt.

Easter is early in Club Roblox with the launch of Egg Hunt 2023, so players are looking for all egg locations. If you too are one of them then this guide is made just for you. There are 15 Easter eggs in total that you have to hunt. They are spread across the map so finding them can be a daunting task. However, there is no need for you to worry. With our guide, you will find all the eggs in no time. Moreover, you can also check out our YouTube video if you prefer visual instructions.

Club Roblox Egg Hunt 2023: All 15 Eggs Locations

Here are all the eggs and their locations in Club Roblox Easter Hunt for 2023:

1. Oracle of Yolk

Oracle of Yolk Club Roblox Egg Locations

You can find this egg right near the entrance of the Egg Hunt area. Look for a structure with four pillars and you will find it there.

2. Gladiategg

Gladiategg location

This egg is placed on a pink wagon near the gate.

3. Bringer of Joy

Bringer of Joy Club Roblox Egg Locations

Right next to the Gladiategg, you will find a floating rock. Climb the steps to collect these steps.

4. Froggy Mcfroggy

Froggy Mcfroggy

To find this egg, look for a pillar with stairs. You’ll find the egg on the top of this pillar.

5. Aquae Eggis

Aquae Eggis

As the name suggests, you will find this egg on the Aqua Duct. Look for a bridge-like structure with a waterfall.

6. Fregg Grenegg

Fregg Grenegg Club Roblox Egg Locations

You can find this egg in the market area opposite the water fountain in the Egg Hunt arena.

7. It’s Hatching

It's Hatching egg

You can find this egg in the Mythical Pets section of the Pets Shop.

8. Gnegg


To find this egg, head over to ward two of the Hospital building.

9. Squeak

Squeak Club Roblox Egg Locations

To find this egg, head over to the Pizza Shop and look inside the kitchen next to the conveyor belts.

10. Fhegg


To find this egg, you must visit the zoo. There, look for the penguins’ enclosure and collect the egg from there.

11. Lil’ Eggy

Lil' Eggy

To get Lil’ Eggy, head over to the Adoption Center in the Daycare Area.

12. Terri-Fried

Terri Fried

Terri-Fried is located in the Supermarket section of the Plaza. Look for a store named Staff and you’ll find it there.

13. N.E.S.T

N.E.S.T Club Roblox Egg Locations

The N.E.S.T! egg is located near the Gas Station. Look for the Carwash and you’ll find it there.

14. DJEgg


To find this egg, head over to the Boutique building and go to the first floor. Then look for the clothes rack next to the juice bar and you’ll find it there.

15. Bean


To get this egg, go to the Beach section through the Plaza. You’ll find it right next to a stalk.
Once you collect all 15 eggs, the temple will open where you can collect your rewards.
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