Team Sonic Racing All Characters Guide – List Of 15 Characters & 5 Teams

Checkout the list of all fifteen characters and their teams

Team Sonic Racing has five teams of three characters each, you can pick anyone from the game menu when you start any race. You cannot change character in between but you can pick a new one before the beginning of every race. In this Team Sonic Racing, guide check out the list of all 15 Characters and 5 teams.

Team Sonic Racing Character Guide

Team Sonic Characters List:

Team Sonic Racing All Characters

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog: The world’s fastest supersonic hedgehog takes to the track in a fittingly fast racer. He’d be much quicker on foot for sure, but he has to give others a fair chance. Vehicle Type – Speed.
  2. Miles ‘Tails’ Prower: Sonic’s faithful companion loves his shiny new racer, and is looking forward to tinkering under the hood, adding custom parts to maximize its full race potential. Vehicle Type – Technique.
  3. Knuckles The Echidna: Knuckles never holds back and his new racer is tough enough that he can smash straight through anything that tries to slow him down. Vehicle Type – Power.

Team Rose Characters List:

Team Sonic Racing All Characters

  1. Amy Rose: Amy’s cheerful demeanor conceals a spiky competitive streak, and her brand new racer will help her stay one step ahead of the crowd. Vehicle Type – Speed.
  2. Chao: The Chao might look adorable, but they are monsters on the track, determined to win at any cost. Vehicle Type – Technique.
  3. Big The Cat: This gentle and carefree giant is taking a break from fishing for some high-octane antics. Vehicle Type – Power.

Team Vector Characters List:

Team Sonic Racing All Characters

  1. Blaze The Cat: This elegant princess from another dimension loves showing off her racer’s taillights to whoever she leaves at the starting line. Vehicle Type – Speed.
  2. Silver The Hedgehog: As a psychokinetic protector of the time from 200 years in the future, it’s his job to ensure that his team’s (assumed) historic victory be preserved. Vehicle Type – Technique.
  3. Vector the Crocodile: This imposing scaly detective has what it takes to win, as long as the prize money’s right. Vehicle Type – Power.

Team Dark Characters List:

Team Sonic Racing All Characters

  1. Shadow the Hedgehog: The Ultimate Life Form can rival Sonic in both speed and abilities, on and off the racetrack. Vehicle Type – Speed.
  2. Rouge The Bat: As a professional treasure hunter, Rogue is not in the habit of leaving the party empty-handed and has no plans of starting now. Vehicle Type – Technique.
  3. E-123 Omega: The last of Dr. Eggman’s E-series robots, Omega is a powerful force with a vendetta like a drive to win. Vehicle Type – Power.

Team Eggman Characters List:

Team Sonic Racing All Characters

  1. Metal Sonic: Metal Sonic is an exact replica of our hero, except he’s a robot and evil. Could he possibly have an ulterior motive for racing?. Vehicle Type – Speed.
  2. Dr. Eggman: Taking a brief respite from his maniacal apocalyptic schemes, Dr. Eggman is enjoying some R&R with his old rivals. Vehicle Type – Technique.
  3. Zavok: Zeti and former leader of the Deadly Six, Zavoc is a demanding presence who knows how to throw his weight around the racetrack. Vehicle Type – Power.

So these are the list of characters you will find in Team Sonic Racing, have fun driving.