All Changes In Counter Strike 2 Explained

Paarth Wadke
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With the release of Counter Strike 2 limited beta access, many players are learning about the new changes in CS2. If you did not receive the invite to early access then don’t worry. You won’t have to wait for the Summer of 2023 to learn about the changes in this game. We understand how important it is to learn the new mechanics of a competitive game. Especially when it comes to a fast-paced shooter like CSGO. In this guide, we will explain all the new upgrades in CSGO 2.

What are the New Changes in Counter Strike 2 compared to CSGO?

Map Changes in CS2

With CSGO’s upgrade to the Source 2 engine, the Counter-Strike community got many upgrades that they’ve been asking for. Along with that, there are several tweaks to the gameplay mechanics like map changes and smoke grenade dynamics. Valve released three new videos regarding the CS2 changes and we will go over all of them.

Here are all the changes in Counter Strike 2:

  • Volumetric and Interactive Smoke Grenades
  • New Sub-tick Server System
  • Map Overhauls
  • UI Upgrade
  • Upgraded Audio Effects

Volumetric and Interactive Smoke Grenades

The Smoke Grenades are responsible for some of the wildest ninja defuses in CSGO. However, the new and upgraded smokes in Counter Strike 2 are now interactive. Meaning, if you shoot through the edge of the smoke, they will create a hole that you can see through. Moreover, if you throw a grenade, the smoke will completely dissipate for a mere moment.

Another change to the smoke grenade is that it is volumetric. Meaning it will fill the space like real smoke does. This can impact the old one-way smokes that players use to their advantage.

New Sub-tick Server System

One of the major complaints by players about CSGO was its 64-tick rate. In a fast-paced shooter, every split-second decision counts. But what if the game cannot register your action right away? That was the problem with the old CSGO servers.

However, the new CS2 boasts a brand-new server system that does not depend on the tick rate. Meaning, the server will know the exact moment you fired your shot or jumped your jump according to the new video. However, with the changes in the tick rate, players may have to relearn all the utility lineups.

Map Overhauls

If you want to be great at CSGO, then you must know about every nook and cranny of the maps. Since the new CS2 is on the Source 2 engine, the maps were bound to have new changes. According to Valve’s new video, the maps in Counter Strike 2 will get a new look. They are now brighter and have more vibrant colors. However, you won’t have to relearn every map in the game. While upgrading the maps, Valve took three approaches:

  • Touchstone: These maps have minimum changes like upgraded lighting and characteristics.
  • Upgrades: These maps have the new Source 2 lighting. Meaning maps like Nuke will have better look and feel compared to their old version.
  • Overhauls: These old maps are rebuilt from the ground up, using all of the Source 2 engine’s tools and rendering features.

Moreover, these tools are made available for community map makers to make it easier for them to experiment on the maps.

UI and Visual Upgrades

CSGO 2 UI changes
Image Source: Anomaly on Youtube

Counter-Strike 2 also has a brand new UI design and Visual Upgrades. The UI upgrades include changes to the bullet counter, health & shield status, kill feed, and more. When you get kills, they will be represented at the bottom of the screen as playing cards.

Apart from the UI, the game boasts more intense visual effects. It includes directional blood effects based on the impact. You can now view your legs and shadows. Many pro players and content creators speculated that this is done to include shoe skins in the game.

Upgraded Audio Effects

The new CSGO 2 has a revamped sound system. Along with tweaks to the gun sounds, you can now tell more about a player’s position through sound cues. According to the devs, the audio has been reworked for a better and more comfortable experience.

That completes our guide on all Counter Strike 2 changes. For more such content like Best Stats Tracker, make sure you visit our CSGO section.