All Cat Locations in Astral Chain

Time to save some cats

Astral Chain manages to tell the story of human extinction in a very different way compared to other games, and while you will spend most of the game in one battle or another there are nicer things like saving cats. This guide will show you all the cat locations in Astral Chain.

All Cat Locations in Astral Chain

Cats are collectibles in Astra Chain and you can find at least one in every single File. In total there are about eleven cats that you will need to rescue in Astral Chain.

First and foremost you will need to carry cat food in order to save some of the cats and bring them out of hiding, you can get it as Salvage or find it beside dumpsters, etc.

  1. File 02: As you get near the end of this level, and after you’re done protecting civilians on Grand Avenue. Go past the corner to the South away from the objective. There you will find a dumpster, simply use your Arm Legion and you will find a cat there.
  2. File 08: Once you get to the parking lot, go down where you first began and then proceed to the North end. There you should be able to see an officer hunching down near a car, use the cat food too lure the cat out.
  3. File 11: You will need to exit the secret hideout and then pass the corner to go up North. You will see ladders there, climb the first one and walk down until you see a cardboard box at the end. The cat will be inside the box.

This guide is still under work and we will keep updating as and when we have more information.

This is all there is to know about all the cat locations in Astral Chain.