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All Art Answers In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Here are all the correct Art Answers to help you pass the Academy Midterm and Final exams in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players need to attend classes and give exams which will get them some awesome rewards. When you pass a Midterm exam, you receive 5 Exp. Candy S. Upon passing a Final exam, you get 5 Exp. Candy M. So, go ahead and clear exams for all subjects, and you will get lots of rewards, including a 5 Exp. Candy L for completing the whole thing. Let’s take a look at all the Midterm and Final Art exam answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


All Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Art Answers

pokemon sv art answers

Art Midterm Answers

  • What is the name of the gemstone that glows over a Pokemon’s head when it Terastallizes?
    • A) Tera Jewel.
  • When the answer to question 1 is the shape of flowers, what type does it represent?
    • A) The Grass type.
  • What shape are most snowflakes classified as?
    • B) Hexagon.
  • Where is the eatery that allows you to change Tera Type?
    • C) Medali.
  • What makes something beautiful?
    • D) There’s no correct answer.

Art Classes Final Answers

  • What is the name of the restaurant where you can change a Pokemon’s Tera Type?
    • B) The Treasure Eatery.
  • What is the name of Brassius’s signature art installation that we discussed in class?
    • C) Surrendering Sunflora.
  • How many waterfalls are counted among the Ten Sights of Paldea?
    • A) Two.
  • Where can you find the Million Volt Skyline?
    • B) Levincia
  • The marks a Pokemon has are present when you first meet and none can be added later.
    • B) False.

If you haven’t done so already, you can unlock the Midterms by taking 3 class sessions. After you pass the Midterm exam, you get to appear for the Final exam. You only need to clear 3/5 questions to pass the Midterms and 4/5 questions to pass the finals.


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