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Amanda The Adventurer Endings Guide – Secret Ending

Here's all about how to get endings including the secret ending in Amanda the Adventurer game.

If you enjoyed watching Dora the Explorer, then ‘Amanda the Adventurer’ is the perfect horror game with a twist for you. Here, Amanda takes up Dora’s role, but there is something dark about her. The game is short but it’s fun to play with some scares. The devs also mention “multiple endings” in the game descriptions. Many players are wondering how to get all endings in Amanda the Adventurer game and if there are any secret endings hidden too. So today we will look at all the available options in-game, and how to get them right now.

All Amanda the Adventurer Endings (With Secret Ending)

Endings in this can be mainly divided into two as one correct answer ending, and one wrong answer ending. Also with the game being told through episodic videotapes, there is also a secret way to trigger a new scene with a bonus tape. Many players consider this ‘the secret ending’, which may segway into a sequel in near future. But these are just speculations, and the devs have not confirmed any sequels as of now. With that out of the way, here are all the endings in Amanda the Adventurer, including the said secret ending:

  • Good Ending (Correct Answer Ending)
  • Bad Ending (Wrong Answer Ending)
  • Secret Bonus Ending

All Endings in Amanda the Adventurer With Secret Ending

Thanks to the YT channel sonickid gaming for making an original video on all the endings. We will be sharing images from his video, and for their work please check out the original video we have interlinked in this article. With that said let’s get into details.

To get the good ending in Amanda the Adventurer, you just need to type in all the correct answers (and click on the right answers when the game asks). The right answers are:

  • Episode 1
    1. Type “yes”
    2. Click on Green color apple store
    3. Type “apple”
  • Episode 2
    1. Click on blue & red color Butcher shop
    2. Type “meat”
  • Episode 3
    1. Click on “house”
    2. Click on “door”

Now Amanda will turn into a monster and enters the room you are in to scare you. This ending will be almost the same as you get in the “Wrong answers” ending, but throughout the game, Amanda will keep getting angry at the player for making mistakes.

Secret Ending in Amanda the Adventurer

To get the secret ending in Amanda the Adventurer you need to play the game till you reach the Butcher shop, then type in the wrong answer twice (Lamb in this video) before typing in the right answer Meat. Then you will find a new tape (with a smudged episode number) near you. Once you play this tape you will see the following images as footage:

  • A house
  • A small forest
  • Meat hanging in a cooler

Although this doesn’t change the ending, the secret tape adds more to the mystery of the game. Here’s the original video from sonickid:

That’s all about how to get all endings including the secret ending in Amanda the Adventurer game. While you are here, check out our Mobile Game Guides for more tips & tricks on all the latest games.