How To Use Alignment Control Center In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Alignment Control Center in Star Wars Jedi Survivor has one of the best upgrades and this guide will tell you how to unlock it.

The Alignment Control Center puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor has baffled many players. While exploring the Untamed Down region of Rambler’s Reach area on Koboh, you’ll find a facility with seven screens. Some of the screens will be green and the others will be red. The game does not provide any hint as o what the screens mean or how to solve them. To help you out, we will mention all you need to know about the Alignment Control Center.

How to Solve Alignment Control Center Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Alignment Control Center Solution in Jedi Survivor
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To solve the Alignment Control Center in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players must find and complete all seven Jedi Chambers. The Jedi Chambers contain activities like platform puzzles and combat. They are spread across the map of Koboh and once completed, they will reward you with a useful perk for Cal and some materials. Here are all the Jedi Chambers you need to complete to use the Alignment Control Center in Jedi Survivors:

  • Chamber Of Duality: Pyloon’s Saloon through Smuggler’s Tunnels
  • Chamber Of Clarity: Untamed Downs
  • Chamber Of Fortitude: Southern Reach, Corroded Silo
  • Chamber Of Detachment: Mountain Ascent
  • Chamber Of Reason: Basalt Rift
  • Chamber Of Connection: Viscid Bog
  • Chamber Of Ambidexterity: Devastated Settlement

When you reach the Alignment Control Center, you’ll notice that some of the screens are green while others are red. The green ones indicate the completed Jedi Chambers and the red, incomplete. Unfortunately, there is no other way to unlock this puzzle but complete all chambers. Meaning, this is a part of the late-game activity. You will come across the center post midway through the game. Once you’ve completed all the chambers, return to this facility and get the rewards for it.

Alignment Control Center Rewards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Since this puzzle requires you to complete a series of tasks, the reward should match the effort. And in this case, it does. For unlocking the Alignment Control Center, you will get a new perk called “Upgrades” on your map.

With the Map Upgrade: Upgrades, you can locate and track down all the remaining buffs on the Holomap. This will help you turn Cal into one of the best Jedi and make him ready for the final showdown.

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This is how you can solve the Alignment Control Center in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. While you’re upgrading Cal, make sure you also unlock lightsaber parts to strengthen your weapon through our Jedi Survivor guides.