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Alienware UFO Gives A Glimpse Into The Future Of AAA Gaming

Handled gaming is soaring and that was pretty evident with the rise of mobile gaming and the success of Nintendo Switch, players wanted a console-like experience with the advantages of mobility. This is where Alienware wants to make a big splash as they unveiled a concept project called ‘UFO’ at CES today.

This handheld gaming device by Alienware looks similar to the Nintendo Switch but with the customary Alienware aesthetics to it, the design and shape look amazing and in a nutshell, you can describe it as a PC in your hands.


alienware ufo

While in concept you can connect to Steam and take your games wherever you want, the UFO has an 8” screen with 1900×1200 resolution display which should be plenty enough for gamers to start gaming wherever they please.

The UFO also has 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processors along with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Thunderbolt for high-performance gaming, networking and connectivity, Concept UFO offers uncompromised on-the-go performance.


Dell and Alienware claim that they have spent over thousands of hours to figure out the perfect grip, balance, and weight for this concept product, as of right now it is still a long dream but there is hope that you could soon be able to play AAA titles in the palm of your hands.

The future does look bright for the gaming industry and this is one product that we’re excited about.