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How To Fix Aliens Fireteam Elite Matchmaking Error

Here is how you can fix the Matchmaking error in Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a three-player Survival Shooter game set in the world of James Cameron’s 1986 movie, Aliens. The game is an Online Multiplayer where you can Public Queue or play with friends. As of late, there has been an issue where you can’t join in a Public Queue or you can’t find players. This guide will help you in fixing the Aliens: Fireteam Elite Matchmaking Not Working Error.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Matchmaking Not Working And Can’t Find Players

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As an Online Multiplayer game, it suffers from similar problems other games have. When this article was written, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a new game. As such, the game is not able to handle the massive influx of players trying to join a game. As a result, you cannot find players in multiplayer. Till the Developers can fix this issue it will be a plague ruining many players’ experiences. In the meantime, we can do a few things to fix this.

Creating a Private Lobby

The first way is to create a Private Lobby and invite friends to play. This method will fix most of the issues in matchmaking. This is the best option in my opinion as you will need coordinated teams to defeat the higher difficulties. You can also try reaching out to Reddit Forums or Discord Servers for Allies to play in your games. The Community for Aliens is a massive one and you won’t find any problems with getting people for Aliens: Fireteam Elite. If you cant play with friends then you can use Bots to fill up your party. This can work but nothing above Normal mode. It won’t be a GGEZ if try Hard Mode with Bots.

Trying out Different Difficulties and Levels

You could also try playing in different difficulties. Players may not be playing in your difficulty so switching it up might help in resolving the error. Enabling or disabling your Challenge Cards can also help. There could be a conflict between the challenge cards and matchmaking. Also, try choosing different Levels as players may not be in the Level you are in. You want to be in a room where there are a lot of players.

The Last thing you could try is to wait and keep trying to Join in the Queue. This is the worst one and you will suffer a lot by doing so. Till the Devs fix the issue this is what you may have to do if the bug persists. This was all from me on this topic hopefully this helped you resolve your matchmaking errors in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Now go and kill the Alien Queen. You can also check out our Video Game Guides. In the future, I will be linking you with more Aliens: Fireteam Elite Guides.