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Genshin Impact: Alhaitham (Character & Build Explained)

Here is everything that you should know about Alhaitham in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact introduces another character from the Sumeru Region and he is none other than Alhaitham. Many people are interested in learning more about him, things like who he is, his rarity, and more. So without further ado let us check everything you should know about Alhaitham and the best weapons, artifacts, and build for him.


Everything to Know about Alhaitham in Genshin Impact

best weapons artifacts and build for alhaitham in genshin impact

Alhaitham is a Dendro Character that will release on January 18th, 2023 with version 3.4 of the game. He will be a 5-star character who uses a Sword as his weapon of choice. Alhaitham is a member of the Haravatat and the current scribe of the Sumeru Akademiya. Some of his main duties include “classifying and archiving important documents”. But that is just the basics about him, if you plan on using him here are the best weapons, and artifacts for his build.

Alhaitham Best Build in Genshin Impact

When playing as Alhaitham you should find this build to be the most useful:

  • Role in Team: Main DPS
  • Weapon: Light of Foliar Incision
  • Artifact Set: Gilded Dreams (4-piece set)
  • Artifact Stats
    • Sands of Eon: Elemental Mastery
    • Goblet of Eonothem: Elemental Mastery
    • Circlet of Logos: Critical Damage Bonus

Best Weapons for Alhaitham

best weapon for alhaitham in genshin impact

The best weapon for Alhaitham is going to be his Signature sword Light of Foliar Incision. Aside from this, you can also use the following swords:


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Best Artifact Sets for Alhaitham

Since you will be using Alhaitham as a main DPS character his Artifacts and Artifact stats are focused on Elemental Mastery. Thus the best Artifact Set for him is a 4-piece set of Gilded Dreams with the main focus on EM or Crit Damage. Aside from that, you can also use the following sets:

  • Alternate Set 1:
    • Gilded Dreams x2
    • Deepwood Memories x2
  • Alternate Set 2:
    • Deepwood Memories x4

That covers this guide on who Alhaitham is in Genshin Impact and his best build, weapons, and artifacts. For more such tips and useful insights on other characters be sure to check out our Genshin Impact section.