A Plague Tale: Innocence Collectible – All 5 Alchemist Carts Locations

One of 4 Collectible Locations

Alchemist Carts in A Plague Tale: Innocence is one of the 5 collectibles you need to locate to unlock the platinum trophy. All the Collectibles in the game emit white fluorescent light, but Alchemist Cart doesn’t show up in the Codex. These collectibles are easy to find but require certain items to unlock them. Here is where to find all Alchemist Carts Chapter by chapter in the game.

Alchemist Carts Locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence

To begin with your hunt for Alchemist Carts, you need to craft Luminosa and clear out rat nest. During Chapter 7, Lucas will teach to how to craft the Luminosa bomb. Now, remember this bomb requires some heavy materials to craft. Once you collect any collectible including the Alchemist Carts a save icon pop up on the screen. So even if you get killed or get attacked, the collectible is safe and don’t need to pick up again. So let’s get started with locating all 5 Alchemist Carts in the game.

alchemist carts plague tale innocence

Chapter 7 – Alchemist Cart location

Just before Lucas teaches you how to craft Luminosa.

Chapter 9 – Alchemist Cart location

First, cross the wooden bridge infested with rats then dispose of the two guards. Take left and create your path with Luminosa.

Chapter 10 – Alchemist Cart location

Use Luminosa on the upper right-hand corner of the university grounds.

Chapter 12 – Alchemist Cart location

You need to be quick and cast Ignifer at the beam emitter before Lucas operate the cart with the brazier on and Luminosa at the rats.

Chapter 16 – Alchemist Cart location

Behind a wooden fence where Rodric takes out the first guy. Check for the white X next and keep following till the end.

These were all 5 Alchemist Collectible in A Plague Tale: Innocence. Do check our other collectible location for Hugo’s Herbariums, Gifts, and 6 Curiosities.