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Warzone 2 Airport Tower Black Site Glitch – How To Get In & Out

Here's how to use the Warzone 2 Black Site Glitch and enter and exit the Airport Tower.

While errors and glitch can be frustrating, some of them might turn out to be quite useful in the end. Recently, Warzone 2 players found a new glitch through which they can enter and exit the Airport Tower Black Site. Since many players don’t know how to get in and out of this place using the glitch, they often end up failing. Hence, we have made this guide to ease the process and so that you know exactly how this works and use the glitch while you still have the time. So we recommend you keep reading below and get a hang of the glitch.

How To Enter Warzone 2 Airport Tower (Black Site Glitch)

Warzone 2 Airport Tower Black Site Glitch Get In and Out

Firstly we need to start with the entering process off course. While this entire glitch seems quite simple, it is actually the opposite. Since accuracy is one of the most important skill of this glitch along with some luck, many players have failed. But don’t worry as we will try our best to make the process quite easy for you.

Once you jump off the plane, make sure you land on the roof of the Airport Tower. In order to use the black site glitch and enter the Airport Tower from here in Warzone 2, you need to jump down open the parachute and land on the metal ledge between the roof and the balcony like area below. The ledge you want to enter will have metal and wooden planks and once you land there, you need to crouch walk all the way to the side. You will now be in the Control Room of the Airport Tower.

How to Get Out of the Airport Tower in Warzone 2

Now that you know how to enter the tower, it is time that you understand how to exit it. Again, it is not going to be an easy task and the one worry that should be in the minds of players before exiting is the possibility of other players waiting for them. Nevertheless, since you obviously have to get out, here goes:

  • In order to get out, you need to go back to the control room at the top floor of the Airport Tower. Make sure you have already looted the location before trying this.
  • Now you need to look for a chair on the right side from where you enter. This chair will be facing the wall and will allow you to jump back on to the wooden ledge.
  • This part is the most difficult in this Warzone 2 Airport Tower Black Site glitch so it might take a few attempts. Simply press sprint and try to jump onto that metal ledge.
  • Once you manage to make the first jump, you need to crouch jump again and get through the gap and down below. You will now successfully exit the location having looted it.

That’s all things covered on the Airport Tower Black Site glitch in Warzone 2. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Warzone 2 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.