Valorant: All Agents Details Like Real Name, Ages, Races, Nationality, & More

Learn about all of the Agent Details in Valorant like Name, Age, Race, Nationality, & More from this guide.

Valorant is a tactical First Person Hero Shooter game created by Riot Games. You win matches by defeating your Enemies and completing the Objective of either as a Spike Planter or Spike Defuser. In the game, you play as one of the many Agents & use their Abilities to win. Each Agent is Unique in their Abilities & Personality. In Valorant, the identity of the Agents is not revealed other than their Agent names. In this guide, I will show you all of the Agents’ details like their Real Name, Age, Race, Nationality, & More in Valorant.

All Agent Details in Valorant – Name, Age, Race, Nationality, & More

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Here is a Table that shows the Agents’ details like Name, Age, Race, & Nationality, & More in Valorant.

Agent Real Name Age Gender Race Nationality Occupation before VALORANT Protocol Role
Astra Efia Danso 25 – 30 Female Radiant Ghana Unknown Controller
Brimstone Liam Byrne 45 – 50 Male Human United States Firefighter/Soldier Controller
Viper Sabine Callas 30 – 35 Female Human United States Chief Scientific Officer Controller
Omen Unknown (Alias: John, Fred, Marcus, Yohan, Dimitri Unknown Male Radiant Earth Unknown Controller
Phoenix Jamie Adeyemi 25 – 30 Male Radiant United Kingdom Performing Arts School Student Duelist
Yoru Ryo Kiritani 25 – 30 Male Radiant Japan Learning his past & order of the Samurai Duelist
Jett Sunwoo Han 20 – 25 Female Radiant South Korea Chef Duelist
Neon Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez 19 Female Radiant Philippines K/SEC Veteran Duelist
Raze Tayane Alves 20 – 25 Female Human Brazil Engineer Duelist
Reyna Zyanya Mondragón 25 – 30 Female Radiant Mexico Unknown Duelist
Sova Alexander (Sasha) Novikov 30 – 35 Male Human Russia Hunter Initiator
Breach Erik Torsten 30 – 35 Male Human Sweden Criminal Initiator
Fade Hazal Eyletmez 25 – 30 Female Radiant Turkey Bounty Hunter Initiator
KAY/O KAY/O N/A Male Cybernetic Alternate Timeline Earth Warmachine/Soldier Initiator
Skye Kirra Foster 25 – 30 Female Radiant Australia Fought against Kingdom Corporation Initiator
Cypher Amir El Amari 35 – 40 Male Human Morocco Information broker Sentinel
Killjoy Klara Böhringer 20 – 25 Female Human Germany Inventor Sentinel
Sage Ling Ying Wei 25 – 30 Female Radiant China Monk Sentinel
Chamber Vincent Fabron 25 – 30 Male Human France Weapons Designer Sentinel

As you can see, Riot has made a diverse Roster of Agents hailing from different parts of the World. All of them weren’t always a fighter but have become the Radiant Veterans we know today.

This was all about the Agent Details in Valorant like Name, Age, Race, Nationality, & More. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Change Name For Free in Valorant.