Age of Wonders 4 Tome Tier List

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With our Age of Wonders 4 Tier list, you can save up your time finding the right tomes and affinities. Every tome is distinct from one another and offers various bonuses or buffs to the players. But that being said, some tomes are stronger and offer more buffs than others. Hence, choosing them can be a bit of a confusing ordeal. Don’t worry, we have compiled a tier list ranking all the tomes from S+ tier to D Tier. So, check out our below tier list ranking all the Tomes from best to worst.

Age of Wonders 4 Tome Tier List – All Tomes Ranked

age of wonders 4 tome tier list

Currently, there are 54 Tomes in Age of Wonders 4 divided into six affinities. The best overpowered tomes that offer the most buffs are placed in the S+ tier while the worst tomes go down to the D Tier.

So, check out our Age of Wonders Tome tier list ranking the best and all tomes from best to worst:

Tiers Best Tomes 
S+ Tier The God Emperor
S+ Tier The Eternal Lord
S+ Tier Teleportation
S+ Tier The Horde
S+ Tier The Great Transformation
S+ Tier The Golden Realm
S+ Tier The Goddess of Nature
S+ Tier The Beacon
S+ Tier Roots
S+ Tier Paradise
S+ Tier Nature’s Wrath
S+ Tier Glades
S+ Tier Exaltation
S+ Tier Chaos Channeling
A Tier Amplification
A Tier Artificing
A Tier Astral Convergence
A Tier Beasts
A Tier Cycles
A Tier Devastation
A Tier Evocation
A Tier Faith
A Tier The Arch Mage
A Tier The Cold Dark
A Tier The Crucible
A Tier The Inquisition
A Tier Vigor
B Tier Zeal
B Tier Winds
B Tier The Reaper
B Tier The Daemon Gate
B Tier The Chaos Lord
B Tier The Astral Mirror
B Tier Supremacy
B Tier Summoning
B Tier Sanctuary
B Tier Pyromancy
B Tier Oblivion
B Tier Mayhem
B Tier Fertility
B Tier Enchantment
C Tier Necromancy
C Tier Revelry
C Tier Scrying
C Tier Souls
C Tier Subjugation
C Tier Transmutation
C Tier Warding
D Tier Cryomancy
D Tier Pandemonium
D Tier Rock
D Tier Terramancy
D Tier The Creator
D Tier The Doomherald

What are the Best Tomes in AoW4?

While you can use the overpowered tomes placed above in the S+ tier, there are a few must-have tomes in AoW4 we have specified further. Rather than being situationally useful, you can use these tomes for massive power-ups or buffs during matches.

So, here are the best tomes in Age of Wonders 4:

Tome of the Eternal Lord (Tier 5)

Although getting the Tome of Eternal Lord in AoW 4 can take you a bit of time, it is worth grinding for. With the Battlefield Reanimation, this Tome allows you to become the Night King. The affinity tier 5 Tome of Eternal Lord raises an undead army allowing you to resurrect your troops. While it also revives the dead of your enemy forces, they have only 50% of the maximum health. Furthermore, this tome also offers powerful spells such as True Death Magic and Withering Mist.

Tome of the God Emperor (Tier 5)

This is an affinity tier 5 tome that is more focused on inspiring your troops and buffing your various units. You can change the course of the war with the Mass Revive ability that revives all the units in your army with 50% health. Defense and support aside, this tome also offers spells like Divine Protection, Exalted Champion, & the Wrath of the Emperor. Speaking of which, the Wrath of the Emperor ability deals 50% damage to your enemies with an additional 20 spirit damage.

Tome of Teleportation (Tier 3)

As its name implies, the Tome of Teleportation strategically repositions your units instantly. It is a movement-focused tome that can be used to transport your units across the map. As you use the Emergency Teleportation spell, you can teleport your various units to surprise your enemies. In addition to that, this affinity tier 3 tome also offers a variety of spells. This includes the Astral Trade Relay, Phasing Enchantment, Mass Recall, and Summon Phase Beast.

Along with the above Tomes, you can also experiment and check out other tomes in AoW4. As it all depends on your build, playstyle, class, and experience, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

That’s everything covered about the Age of Wonders 4 tome tier list. If this helped you out, check out our more Video Games and Tier Lists for other games in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.

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