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Is Elden Ring Age Of Absolute 7th Ending Real?

Here's all about the 7th secret Elden Ring ending, you need to know.

Elden Ring has lots of different endings, which all are known to the fans. But currently, a new video is circulating online claiming to be the 7th secret ending called Age of Absolute ending. The video shows a cutscene similar to other endings of the game, but with a tiny change which means a lot too. So if you don’t want to spoil the endings then kindly come back once you are done with the game. And for others, let’s look at what is this new Elden Ring Age of Absolute 7th Ending.

Is Elden Ring 7th Ending Age of Absolute Real or Fake?


Elden Ring Age Absolute 7th Ending Cutscene
Image Courtesy: Garden of Eyes

YouTube channel Garden of Eyes uploaded a video claiming it’s the 7th Elden Ring ending called Age of Absolute. Let’s first break down what’s happening in the video. The video starts off like other ending cutscenes, but the player now chooses the “Usher the Age of Absolute” option. Now the Tarnished picks up Marika’s head and keeps it on her body. And while the Tarnished kneels before the Fractured Marike, suddenly what appears to be Five Fingers, appears in the background.

We then see the Five Fingers have taken the place of the Elden throne and the Tarnished seem to pray in front of it. This is accompanied by the usual voiceover, but with new dialogues not used in other endings. So this ending looks totally legit right. But there are some concerns other players have mentioned on social media sites like Twitter. Here’s why everyone thinks the video is fake:


  1. The video was uploaded on 1st April, April Fool’s Day. This is the first indication that it is fake.
  2. The model of Five Fingers seems to be a combination of chrbnd files of different Two Fingers with the Three Fingers chrbnd file.
  3. The anibnd of the Five Fingers seems to be similar to other functioning fingers’ anibnd file.
  4. The animation of the Tarnished praying to Five Fingers is just the “Rapture” gesture.
  5. You can get this gesture by talking to two fingers near Finger Reader Enia.

The only part fans believe from the unsued game files is the voice-over in the cutscene, which was available during the closed network test, and extracted by players using data mining. This cutscene was some kind of alternate variation to one of the other endings, or a new ending altogether, which did not make its way into the game.

That’s everything you need to know about why we think this new Elden Ring Age of Absolute 7th ending is fake. We have covered lots of tips and tricks in our Elden Ring Guides.