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COD MW2: Is Afghan Map Finally Back?

Does the new season of Modern Warfare 2 bring Afghan to the present? Let's find out.

Since the announcement of the new reboot of the fan-favorite 2009 classic Modern Warfare 2, many veteran COD players were excited to see their beloved game get a fresh coat of paint. With all-new game modes, maps, and regular season events, COD Modern Warfare 2 is an endless amount of fun for new and old fans of the franchise. The game gets a massive overhaul with each new season and season 2 is no different. But does the new season add Afghan back to Modern Warfare 2? Let’s find out.

Is Afghan Map back in Modern Warfare 2?

Afghan cod modern warfare 2
Season 2 for MW 2 and Warzone 2 added a ton of new game features and modes including the new Al Mazrah for Warzone 2. While this map has many similarities to the original Afghan map from 2009’s MW 2, the map is a totally new addition to the game. To put it simply Afghan has not been added to Multiplayer or Warzone.

This might come as a disappointment to fans of the classic multiplayer map, but the map’s absence in Season 2 doesn’t mean we will never see it in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer. The game’s developers Infinity Ward are known to count on previous assets and take a lot of inspiration from classic maps from previous installments of the series. Old maps like Storm, Shipment, and Pipeline make subtle appearances all over Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah. So while there isn’t any official confirmation, it is only a matter of time(or seasons) before all the fan-favorite maps like Afghan, Favela, Terminal, Quarry, and Underpass(just to name a few) make a comeback with improved graphics.

That’s all the news we have on Afghan for COD Modern Warfare 2. Check out a list of all paths of the Ronin challenges or the best search-and-destroy class builds in MW 2 here on Gamer Tweak.