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AEW Wrestling Game Revealed by Former WWE 2K Team

Last night a new wrestling game based on All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was announced. And this is created in collaboration with Yuke’s, the former developers behind the WWE games.


In the summer of last year, 2K Sports and the Japanese development studio Yuke’s announced that they were going their separate ways after working together for several years and that the WWE 2K series would be passed on to Visual Concepts. Yuke’s had worked on the SmackDown, Smackdown vs Raw, and most recently WWE 2K games since the late 1990s.

After the technical disaster of WWE 2K20 and the poor reviews of the recently published WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the former leader among wrestling games is on shaky legs, which is why it seems to be the right time for the competition.

Because now you get the competition. All Elite Wrestling, AEW for short, and Yuke’s announced last night that they were creating a new video game for the American wrestling league, featuring Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, MJF, and other familiar faces.

Accordingly, the former WWE developers will carry out their new vision for the still young wrestling promotion, even if it has not yet been possible to give a specific name for the upcoming game. However, fans of classic wrestling games are likely to burst into cheers as Hideyuki “Geta” Iwashita returns for the AEW game. Iwashita was the director behind the Nintendo 64 classic WWF No Mercy, which is still widely dubbed the best wrestling game of all time.

In addition, a brief preview of the action and graphics that players should expect in the future has already been given. Incidentally, AEW Games will act as the publisher, although neither the platforms nor a release date was announced.

In the course of the event, two mobile titles based on AEW were announced. Here is another recording of the AEW Games event, where you can take a look at the new game from 5:10 minutes.