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How To Easily Add Friends In Spellbreak And Does It Support Crossplay

Spellbreak lets add friends on any platform enabling crossplay. Check out how to add friends and play multiplayer with Crossplay in Spellbreak

If you’re wondering about how to add friends in Spellbreak but haven’t gotten the answer yet, we’ve prepared a guide to show you how you can do that and answer all your questions about crossplay functionality. Read until the end of the guide to know everything about the multiplayer mode in Spellbreak.

How To Add Friends In Spellbreak


Spellbreak offers people a different approach to battle royale genres and takes the guns out of the equations with magic being the only source of offense.

If you’ve played the beta of Spellbreak before, you will still be required to create a new ID. And while the friend’s list in the beta was integrated into your PSN ID or Epic ID, that won’t work anymore.

As soon as you open Spellbreak you will need to create a new account for the game which will be tied to your email id. With this, you will be granted a new ID for Spellbreak and will be based on your display name on your specific account.


You can use this new ID to send friend requests to other players and add them to the game. You can add friends by clicking on the Friends option in Spellbreak.

Go to the Add A Friend section, and then type in your friends Spellbreak ID, hit Add and you will have successfully added your friend. Your friend will need to accept your invitation to be added to your friends’ group.

Is Spell Break Available For Crossplay?


Yes, Spellbreak has crossplay functionality that means even if your friends have different platforms they can play together in one game as this battle royale game looks to be more inclusive and provide a similar experience across all platforms.

This is all there is to know about how to add friends in Spellbreak and if there is a crossplay functionality in the game. You can check out more about Spellbreak right here.