Pokemon Legends Arceus Adaman Or Irida Choice – Which One To Choose?

Read this guide to learn if you should choose Adaman or Irida in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Adaman and Irida are characters you will have to choose one of during the Disaster Looming mission in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Making the right decision is extremely important, and it can affect how the rest of the game pans out for you. To help you out with what can actually be a tricky dilemma, we’ve got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you which of these two you should pick in the game. Before you read any further, though, we need to warn you. This guide will contain spoilers based on each of the choices you make, so tread with caution.

Should you Choose Adaman or Irida in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

What Happens if you Choose Adaman in Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Disaster Looming Mission?


If you decide to choose Diamond Clan leader Adaman, she will accompany you in your quest to acquire the Red Chain. Further in the story, you will come across Dialga atop Mount Coronet. What this means is you will have to fight with Origin Forme Palkia in the final main story battle.

Upon completing the fight, you will automatically catch Palkia in the Origin Ball.

What Happens if you Choose Irida in Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Disaster Looming Mission?


Choosing Irida, the Pearl Clan leader will result in her traveling with you to the three lakes. Once you arrive atop the summit of Mount Coronet, you will need to fight Palkia.

Catching Palkia will result in Origin Forme Dialga serving as the final boss in the game. You will now be able to automatically capture Dialga once the battle is over with the help of the Origin Ball.

So there you have it. When it all comes down to the final choice, it actually depends upon you. While making the decision during this mission is important, you won’t really miss anything if you pick one over the other. Choosing either of these leaders will give you the same Pokemon. You will also have the ability to go back and choose the other leader if you wish to.  So there’s no real need to fret over which one is better.

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