Testing New Ways For Players To Participate In In-Game Content: Activision

Activision is testing out new methods for players to show their interest in in-game content

During recent Earning Call, Activision President and CEO Collister Johnson shared a statement that concludes the game maker is working on new methods for players to participate in in-game content. The new methods will be applicable for both games and for coming future title.

In-game content that includes customizations, weapons and other add-ons is turning into a primary way of making money for game developers. Many AAA games are having in-game content that can be bought directly through official stores or through game credits. Micro-transactions are like double edge sword, a lot of popular titles have fallen hard after improper implementation.

Call of Duty in-game net bookings was lower year-over-year, but the team continues to iterate around in-game features and offerings within Black Ops 4, testing new ways for players to participate in in-game content both for that game and for future titles. – Collister Johnson, President & Chief Operating Officer of Activision

Still, it sounds Activision is quite positive about their methods which they will reveal soon in their coming titles. However, there is not enough info on how well the methods can entice players to buy without spoiling their interest in the game.

Borderlands 3 an action role-playing game releasing in September 2019 has recently got a fresh update where it is confirmed the game will have Micro-transactions but only for Cosmetic items. Having an in-game content that can focus on customization instead of contributing to pay-to-win sounds more logical way of executing the Micro-transaction model. What do think?

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