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Activision Blizzard Says Games Are “On Track” for Now In This COVID-19 Crisis

Developers are working from home

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, many developers have delayed the release of their games, taking the example of the postponement of The Last Of Us: Part II. Today, one of the companies that had not spoken about the possible effects on their operations is Activision Blizzard, but today it finally did.

In an interview with CNBC (via VGC), the CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, spoke about how the coronavirus has impacted the process of his games and took the opportunity to mention if any changes are expected in the process. Fortunately, the manager confirmed the following: “Most of the things that we have in production and development are on track for now. I think we’ll have to really reassess that in a month and in three months.”

This has been possible thanks to the company’s employees working from home. According to Kotick, the developer has paid the price for workers to work optimally, and it has helped them improve their broadband service, and has allowed developers, such as entertainers and artists, to take the equipment home.

The above is excellent news, especially for titles like Overwatch 2, as it ensures that development has not gone through problems and that this would meet with the planned release date for the game, which is expected to be after 2020.

However, Kotick warns that it is too early to know what the consequences will be in the development for the next year, so we will have to wait for further clarification.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus has already negatively impacted many of the company’s events, especially its competitive games. In addition, the most important celebration for the company of the year, BlizzCon 2020, is at risk of being canceled.

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