Activision Blizzard CFO Confirms Call of Duty New Episode for 2020

New Content planned for this year

A new episode of Call of Duty is coming this year announced by COO Cody Johnson during a recent investor conference. It is unclear which studio is going to manage the project, Activision Blizzard has finally confirmed the new content ending all speculations and rumors.

According to the source, Activision Blizzard will be adding up fresh content for the COD series in 2020, but lacks concrete details on the launch date. The studio always announces the studio who will lead the project during such conference calls. Activision Blizzard shared the 2019 success keeping studio at the really strong position for 2020.

We enter 2020 with a strong balance sheet and significant flexibility- Dennis Durkin (CFO)

Dennis Durkin (CFO) spoke about the overall financial status of how the studio performed last year, which gave the studio a strong base to support upcoming and existing titles for 2020. Below are some of this statement shared during the investors call.

Activision enters the year 2020 with strong momentum for COD, across upfront sales, in-game, mobile and esports. Along with the tight retail channel that should benefit catalog sales, this positions us for strong growth in the franchise particularly in the first half of the year.

Durkin shared the studio is good to work on new titles as well as supporting the existing one. However the most important was about the next premium release of COD which is confirmed for Q4 2020.

In Q4 we planned to launch the next premium release of Call of Duty. We can’t wait to unveil our teams and feel great about the content. although it is customary we are prudently lower selling for Q4 vs modern warfare past year. 

As per rumors, Treyarch was considered to handle the next COD 2020, it is still unclear which studio will lead the next episode of COD.  Activision Blizzard Investor Conference also shared vital details about Fourth Quarter 2019 results. 2019 is counted as the most successful year for COD which generated more upfront console sales than any other franchise in the world. COD Mobile exceeded 150M installation reaching the top in 150+ countries.

Source: PCGames.De and Activation Blizzard Q4 2019 Results