How To Activate The Centrifuge In Dead Space Remake (Puzzle Guide)

Check out how to activate the Centrifuge in Dead Space Remake.

In the new Dead Space Remake, many players are looking for ways to activate the Centrifuge and get past it. If you too are stuck at this point then you’re at the right place. There are multiple puzzles you’ll have to solve during your expedition in the USG Ishimura mining ship. During Chapter 3: Correction, you’ll come across a circular hallway. This is where you’ll be tasked with activating the Gravity Centrifuge and this guide will tell you how.

How to Activate the Centrifuge and Get Past It in Dead Space Remake

Use Stasis to connect the Generator Modules to Centrifuge

Upon entering the room, check for all the loot available around. As this is a Zero Gravity room, you’ll find all the loot floating around like an Oxygen Tank, Item Boxes, and more. Moreover, you’ll also find a Stasis Recharge station so make sure you use it. Once you’ve collected all the loot, head over to the Generator Modules.

The Generator Modules are two metallic arms that you have to attach to the Centrifuge in the middle of the room. They will be marked with a Magnet symbol on the side, meaning you have to use Kinesis to attach them. But if you try that then they’ll just return to their position.

To activate the Centrifuge, you have to use Stasis power on the Generator Module and then use Kinesis to move it and stick it in the Centrifuge. One Generator Module is near the entrance and the other is on the opposite side below the Control Terminal platform. After attaching both generators, go to the Control Terminal and interact with it. This will trigger a short cinematic sequence where the air is pulled out of the room.

Exiting the Centrifuge Area

After restarting the Centrifuge, you’ll have to exit the area. You’ll have to manually ignite the engines but the time to do so is limited since your oxygen is running out. To exit the area, take the elevator opposite Control Terminal. Then, head left but make sure the metal arm doesn’t hit you. A Necromorph will attack you so make use of your environment to beat it. Once you do that, recharge your Oxygen at the station on the way. As you progress, another Necromorph will attack you. Beat it and enter the to ignite the engines.

That’s all from us on how to activate the Centrifuge in Dead Space Remake. For more helpful guides like How to Get Burnished Suit, check out our Dead Space Remake guides.