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Where to find the Location of the Acid Steeper In Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is filled with side quests and they are one of the most engaging elements of the game, one of such side quest is termed as the Cleaning Machine where you have to find a robo janitor on the Unreliable to start the quest. The quest involves finding an Acid Steeper and this guide will show you the location of the Acid Steeper in Outer Worlds.

Where to find Acid Steeper?


To begin the Cleaning Machine quest, you will first have to interact with the decommissioned robo janitor which can be found on the Unreliable. After this, you will have to interact with the ship’s AI.

Once you do this you will learn that the location of the Acid Steeper is at Roseway Gardens, you will have to go to the abandoned storage facility located at the south of the landing pad.

There are certain quests you will need to complete before jumping on to this one including the Passage to Anywhere quest. Once you have the Navkey, you can gain permission to land at Roseway.


You will then need to go to the facility from the north and go up exploring to the third floor and turn your attention to the left. Down there you will be able to find the Acid Steeper on the shelf in between boxes.

If you find the door to be locked in this area, there are two ways you can unlock this. First, you will either need at least 35 in lockpicking or you can try and get the Storage Facility Passcode.

For the Storage Facility Passcode, you will need to find the dead body of the scientist, whom you can find on the far side of the second floor.


As you have the part, you will then need to return to the ship and interact with the robo janitor to install the part. It will prompt asking if you want to register SAM for yourself.

Agree to it and you will have a new companion. SAM does not have a quest of its own but will be a nice company to have and can be skillful but it is advised not to be overly reliant on it.

This is all there is to know about the location of the Acid Steeper in Outer Worlds. Check our other guides and trips on The Outer Lands Wiki.