Accurate RNG Codes For May 2024

These are the Accurate RNG codes you can redeem for free money and potions.

Accurate RNG codes let you redeem free money, potions, and more. The cash is used for Luck, Roll speed, and Extra money upgrades. It is also required for upgrading inventory and buying items from Nathan’s Shop. One of the quest items, Mana Shards is also purchasable from this Shop. Apart from that, you can get a Weather manipulator, Mystery coin, and Luck potions from there. So, if you haven’t yet used any active code, here is the list and steps to follow for that.

Note: Last checked for new codes on May 24, 2024.

All Accurate RNG Codes 2024

All Accurate RNG Codes
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You can redeem these active codes for free Luck Potions, Mystery Coins, and Cash:

  • 400Players! – Redeem this code for $100, +3 Luck Potions, and +5 Mystery Coins
  • 5000Members! – Redeem this code for $500
  • FreeShiny – Redeem this code for [Shiny] Rare
  • 1500favs – Redeem this code for $500 and +7 Luck Potions
  • RNG – Redeem this code for $200
  • Lucky! – Redeem this code for $69 and +3 Luck Potions

How to Redeem Accurate RNG Codes

Redeem Accurate RNG Codes
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Follow these steps to redeem codes:

  1. First, open the game and press Play.
  2. In the left corner, you will now see the ABX button. Use that to get the textbox.
  3. Paste the working one from the above list and hit Submit.
  4. You will see reward details on the top of the screen.

Where to Find More Codes?

You will find all the working and old codes in the game’s Discord. It has channels dedicated to important announcements, giveaways, Trello, updates, and so on. There are also text channels for memes, fan art, questions, private servers, and more. Still, if you do not prefer joining social handles, you should just save the guide. We keep our code lists updated for the players.

With this, we conclude our Accurate RNG codes. For more topics like this, you should check our Roblox section. There we have covered: