AC Valhalla: Identify The Vault In Closing The Vault Quest

Who is the Vault in AC Valhalla (who poisoned the wine?). Find out the answer and the right choice for Closing the Vault quest here!

In the Closing the Vault quest, you will be tasked with identifying the Vault. The suspects are a part of the Jorvik Council. It is important to know who is the Vault in AC Valhalla because you don’t want to accuse the wrong person while the actual culprit roams free. First, you will have to talk to all Council members and truly understand what they say. That’s Hjorr, Faravid, Ricsige and Audun. There are clues in the conversations and you will know who knows about the wine not yet arriving. So, here’s the right choice in the Closing the Vault quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and find out who poisoned the wine.

Who is the Vault in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?


Audun is the Vault in AC Valhalla because when you talk to him, he refuses the wine offered by Eivor. He insists that it is saved for the guests and doesn’t want to consume it himself, which is very sus if you ask me. Audun pushed for the feast and had full access to the wine hence this is who poisoned the wine. So, when you talk to Ljufvina, pick Audun as the Vault.

What happens when you accuse Audun? (Closing the Vault Choice Consequences)

No matter who you choose, Audun will have already poisoned the people present because they all drink the wine. He begins with an impressive toast, but as the people fall to the floor, Audun pours the wine from his glass dramatically.


Then, Eivor tells Ljufvina to get the councilmen to safety while he/she handles Audun. That’s pretty much how this whole situation turns out. You need to take out his bodyguards and kill this Order Member.

Now that you know who is the Vault in AC Valhalla, we’ve got the answers for quite a lot of other choices to make in the game. Even though this choice didn’t make a difference in the outcome, other choices do impact the story and can even change your consequences. So head over to our Assassin’s Creed Wiki and check the Choices and Consequences section.

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