AC Valhalla: How To Unlock Reda, Daily Contracts & Shop

Here's how to unlock Reda and get Contracts (Daily missions) via The Thousand Eyes mission. Also obtain Daily & weekly items from Reda's shop.

Reda in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an NPC who is pretty important. He will give you access to contracts which are daily missions that you can complete for rewards and XP. Moreover, you can also get some awesome cosmetic items in his shop. So, naturally, you’d want to know how to unlock Reda, his shop and Contracts in AC Valhalla. Look no further because this guide will break it down for you.

How to Unlock Contracts & Reda’s Shop in AC Valhalla

The first thing you should do is complete The Thousand Eyes mission which will unlock Reda and his shop. This can be done at the end of The Song of Soma arc so completing this section is crucial to gain access to contracts (daily missions). Do note that once The Thousand Eyes mission is done and your daily quests are opened up, there’s a time limit for them that will be shown. If you leave them unfinished or you don’t accept them, they will move out of the quest list.

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What happens when you complete Contracts?

When you complete contracts, you can earn XP which plays an important role in leveling up fast. With it, you get more skill points as well as power. Plus, you will earn Opals that are useful for buying gear at Reda’s shop too. So, overall, you should not miss out on completing contracts because it will really help you out in the later part of the game.


Reda’s Shop

Reda’s shop also features Daily selection and Weekly selection of various cosmetic items like gear, weapons, armor and tattoos. So if you are looking for more tattoo options, Reda’s shop is the way to obtain them. As you may have guessed, these items also have a time limit so if you like what you see, purchase it immediately.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Reda in AC Valhalla and the contracts (daily missions) and his shop. For more such things to unlock in your first playthrough, you need to know what exactly you should be doing. Don’t worry about that because our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki will help you out! It’s packed with hidden secrets, powerful weapons and exciting quests to complete.