AC Valhalla Tungsten & Titanium Farming Cheat Code

Titanium and Tungsten are two rare items in Valhalla, and here is a glitch that can allow you to get unlimited Tungsten & Titanium.

Certain items are rare in AC Valhalla like Tungsten and Titanium. Finding them is super tough and these two rare items are the most required ingredients to upgrade armors and weapons. If you are struggling to farm Tungsten and Titanium in AC Valhalla, then here is a secret. You can farm unlimited Tungsten and Titanium in AC Valhalla without messing with bosses, penetrating guarded forts, etc. Till yet Ubisoft has not patched this glitch and we hope this will never happen. It will give Valhalla players a breather to farm the rare material.

AC Valhalla Unlimited Tungsten and Titanium Cheat

You can earn an unlimited amount of Tungsten and Titanium in Valhalla by killing one single guard. He spawns on a specific location and through a glitch, you can make him spawn unlimited times. This means you can farm unlimited Tungsten and unlimited Titanium from him. Follow my map screenshot and the complete step to use this AC Vallhalal Titanium cheat.

AC Valhalla Unlimited Tungsten & Titanium Farming

Go to Cleeve Hills in Glowecestrescire. It is on the west of the huge map, and go to the exact location marked on the image above. This is the place where you will see three guards, sometimes four and sometimes one walking around. It is a Power Level 220 region, it is best if you are around Power Level 90 or 100 to survive the fight.

AC Valhalla Titanium Farming Cheat

Look for the group of guards walking around, the one tall guy carries 1 Tungsten Ingot and 4 Titanium. To loot the items from this guard you will have to first kill him. So be ready for some fight here, kill and loot the Tungsten and Titanium from his corpse.

AC Valhalla Tungsten Farming Cheat

AC Valhalla Tungsten Farming Cheat

Locate these guards as shown on the map screenshot above. Attack and collect the Tungsten and Titanium from him. Next is to use the glitch to repeated this step forever. That means you can make the guard spawn unlimited times. Each time you can kill him and grab the loot.

AC Valhalla Tungsten Farming Cheat

To farm unlimited Tungsten and Titanium in AC Valhalla, after killing the guard go to the game menu by pressing the Esc key on the PC. Save the game first, you can create a new one or overwrite any existing one. Then return to the previous menu and click on Load. Launch the most recent saved game, the one you did after killing the guard. You will spawn at the exact same location and the guard will be back. Kill him once again and grab the loot.

AC Valhalla Tungsten Farming Cheat

Repeat the process, Save the game first, and load it from the Load menu. Stay there and the guard will appear within seconds. That’s it, we had tested this glitch and it is still working. Using these methods you can farm unlimited Tungsten and Titanium in AC Valhalla. Upgrade all your weapons for free, without struggling to find resources.

We have more secrets in our AC Valhalla Wiki guide. You can check the link to find numerous weapon locations, tips to beat down bosses, secret ending, and more. Hit the link now and thank me later.

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