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AC Valhalla Tove Bug: How To Fix Interaction With Tove?

Getting the AC Valhalla Tove bug which doesn't let you interact with Tove to change your tattoos or hair? Here's what you need to know.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has some bugs, many of which have been ironed out in latest updates but some still manage to sneak into the game. One such bug is the AC Valhalla Tove bug where after completing ‘Carrying the Torch’ quest, players are unable to interact with her. This particular quest is the one where she talks about Svend’s passing. Is there a fix for this issue? Here’s what you need to know.

AC Valhalla Tove Bug Fix –  Follow these Steps to Make the Hotfixes Active


Ubisoft has released a hotfix on January 25, 2021 to fix the AC Valhalla Tove Bug. The official twitter account of Assassin’s Creed has mentioned the steps you need to follow to ensure that the hotfixes become active:

So, you have to get a manual save made, close the game and relaunch it. Then load the save you created. This will let Eivor interact with Tove as well as move the shelves during “The Odor at the Tithe” quest.

Due to the previous lack of interaction prompt, players weren’t able to speak to Tove in the hair and tattoo shop. And because she was unresponsive, you weren’t able to change your hair or tattoos. This is what the Assassin’s Creed twitter account tweeted about it, check it out:

To try to interact with her, some players attempted to bump into her but then she didn’t do much apart from getting up and sitting down again in her hut. Unfortunately, this occurred in the title update 1.1.1 where the developers have already addressed an issue that prevented players from interacting with Settlement NPCs. This bug seems to have snuck past.

So, that’s all about the AC Valhalla Tove Bug. Ubisoft has deployed a hotfix for this glitch that you simply need to make active in your game.

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