How To Get And Use Torch In AC Valhalla

Torches are crucial to see in the dark or burn things up. Here's how to use a Torch in AC Valhalla.

A Viking is an adventurer, an explorer and a raider. And every good Viking, including Eivor, needs to have the necessary equipment to assist them in their objectives. That’s where the Torch comes in. You can see things better in dark areas with it and if needed, you can also burn things. If you want to know how to get a Torch and how to use it in AC Valhalla, this guide will help you out.

How to Use the Torch in AC Valhalla?


To equip a Torch, hold down on the D-pad and choose the Torch icon with the right joystick. Eivor will immediately get a Torch in his/her hand. If you want to throw the Torch at a target, like a hay roof of a house, aim with L2/LT and throw it with R2/RT. For PC, you can open up the Item wheel/Quick Actions Wheel with G, choose the Torch. Then, use right click to Aim and left click to Throw. You can drop it with the R key.


You can burn buildings and objects like supply wagons by simply throwing your Torch. So, whenever you get objectives where you have to do this, throw a couple Torches to get the job done because you don’t really have a limit. If you don’t want to use a Torch, you can also use abilities to burn stuff. You can also make fire arrows and shoot them at your targets for extra damage.

How to Put Out Fire?

In case you get caught up in fire yourself, don’t forget to perform a double dodge to extinguish the fire. This needs stamina though. Apart from this, you can jump into nearby water to put out the flames. This will come in handy if you’ve run out of stamina and are, luckily, near a water body.

This is all you need to know about how to get and use a Torch in AC Valhalla. Now, go ahead and burn things up in the game! If you also want to know the trick to break stone walls and get a Viking cat as a companion on your longship, we’ve got you covered. Check out the linked guides and much more in our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki.