AC Valhalla: How To Romance Tarben

Find out how to romance Tarben as Eivor and know how it unfolds.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has taken several RPG elements and expanded on them. The latest additions include a plethora of romantic engagements for players to partake in. We can assist you in matching Eivor with one of the most desirable Viking bachelors in Ravensthorpe. So here’s how to romance Tarben in AC Valhalla.

How to Romance Tarben in AC Valhalla?

To romance Tarben in AC Valhalla, you must first construct Tarben’s bakery and complete The Baker’s Plaint and Man of Mystery quests, where he will reveal that in his former life as a mercenary. He was known as Guthban. After that, enjoy some time with Tarben by going fishing with him. He’ll show his interest in Eivor after a few days. You’ll have the opportunity to embrace Eivor’s interest in Tarben and share your desire to begin a romantic relationship with him.

ac valhalla tarben romance

If you are having trouble achieving this, we will explain these quests and how to build the bakery in the below steps:

AC Valhalla Tarben’s Bakery

You will need to reach Level 2 status in Ravensthorpe to build this building. To construct it, you will need 600 Supplies and 45 Raw Materials. The construction of a bakery boosts Ravensthorpe’s food quality. It will also provide a lift to all of your feasts. The Bakery will give you extra +25 health when Feast Buff is turned on.

The Baker’s Plaint

You’ll need to take a small boat with Tarben to the market at Wayfarer’s Wharf. Along the way, Tarben and Eivor will have a conversation. When you arrive at Wayfarer’s Wharf’s market docks, a short cutscene can play in which the merchant seems to be acquainted with Tarben and is more than a little disturbed by his appearance. Return to the boat and row to Ravensthorpe after the scene. The quest will conclude when you arrive at the docks.

Man of Mystery

Once you hit settlement level 5, you can start this quest. First, you need to talk to Tekla. You’ll find out that she was robbed on the way to Lincoln. The thieves were on the lookout for a person named Guthban. You’ll have to ask around the settlement for some clues as to who this Guthban is. Tarben will disclose that he is Guthban when you talk with him at his bakery. As a member of a mercenary gang, he went by this name.

That’s everything you need to know about how to romance Tarben in AC Valhalla. While you’re here, know more such hidden secrets in our Valhalla Wiki Guide. Also, check out more tips & tricks that will help you level up your gameplay in our Valhalla guides.