How to Complete Rivalry for the Ages Quest in AC Valhalla Guide

In this guide, you will get the location of Maximilian Key which is required to complete Rivalry for the Ages Quest.

Rivalry for the Ages is a simple quest that can reward you with 2 skill points for almost free. It is given by Octavian in Ledecestrescire, in your settlement. If you had not played this quest yet then this guide will help you. And if you had played but struggling to find the Maximilian Key to unlock the museum door then you are on the right page. This guide will help you to find Maximilian Key to complete Rivalry for the Ages Quest in AC Valhalla.

How to start Rivalry for the Ages Quest?

Where to find Octavian in AC Valhalla

The above map screenshot will help you to find Octavia in AC Valhalla. Look for a house surrounded by statues, he is inside, and talking to him will unlock Rivalry for the Ages Side-Quest. He will ask you to recover a statue.

Where to find Maximilian Key?

Maximilian Key Lunden AC Valhalla

Ope the Map and check Lunden, a new marker appears which will help you to track down the Rivalry for the Ages side quest. Walk on the streets around and you will find Maximilian arguing with a woman.

Maximilian Location

There are two ways to get the key to the museum from Maximilian. First is by having a Charisma Level of 5 then only he will listen. To increase Charisma in AC Valhalla you will have to win Flying Challenges. It is an amusing rap challenge, you are not just a warrior but a rapper also. I am listing useful guides to help you to complete AC Valhalla Flyting Challenge. Otherwise, you can pay Maximilian 130 Silver to get the key.

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Maximilian Location Valhalla

I will go with 130 Silver as it is the fastest way to get the key. Follow him inside the museum and collect the Roman Legionaire statue. This will reward you with 2 Skill points and then return to Octavian. Give him the artifact and the Rivalry for the Ages Quest is completed.

With this there is more you can do in Valhalla, there are many side quests and interesting hunting missions. Each rewards a lot of skill points helping you to level up your character fast in the game. For that, you can refer to our Valhalla Wiki guide and scan through different sections to unlock amazing weapons, solve puzzles, grab legendary gears, and more.