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AC Valhalla: Kill Or Spare Cynon Choice Guide

Find out if you should kill Cynon or spare Cynon in this Assassin's Creed Valhalla choices and consequences guide.

There are a lot of decisions to make as Eivor – some of them have a deep impact on the story while some will barely affect dialogues and cutscenes. Here’s another choice about killing or sparing someone in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and this is about Cynon. During A Love Betrayed, you will have to find and confront Cynon and then decide his fate. If you want to know the consequences of your choice and how it affects your story, keep reading till the end.

AC Valhalla: Kill or Spare Cynon Choice – Which to Choose?


Here are the consequences for each of the choices regarding Cynon:

  • Should you Kill Cynon?: If you pick “Prepare to Die”, Cynon will be absent during the Wicker Man ritual in the quest called The Burning of The Wicker Man. That’s because you will end up killing him right there and then later get into a boss fight with Modron. Tewdwr will become the new Ealdorman of Glowecestrescire anyway.
  • Should you Spare Cynon?: On picking “You’ll die in The Wicker Man”, you will say that he’s already a dead man because Cynon dies at the Wicker Man ritual. You will spare him as of now, but you know that he’s going to get burned alive in the festival. In terms of Tewdwr, his fate as the new Ealdorman doesn’t change.

So, as you can see, the impact of this choice is very little and isn’t story-changing. Go ahead and pick whichever option that resonates with you and continue your journey as the powerful Viking.

That’s all about the AC Valhalla Kill or Spare Cynon choice. If you need any help with more story choices and consequences, we’ve got them in our linked guide. For more tips, boss fight tricks and hidden secrets, head over to our AC Valhalla wiki right here.