AC Valhalla: How To Hide Community Photos

If you want to disable community pictures, check out how to hide photos in AC Valhalla. Turn off photos from the world map permanently.

There are a lot of awesome features in this game but this probably isn’t one of them. It can be a tad bit annoying (or very annoying) to see the photos shared by the Community on the world map. In fact, they could also have potential spoilers which can ruin your experience totally. For those who don’t want to see the community photos while you are neck-deep into the story, here’s how to disable them. Find out how to hide photos in AC Valhalla right here.

How to Hide Community Photos in AC Valhalla

AC Valhalla How To Hide Photos

To hide Community pictures in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you have to open the map first. Then open Legend and scroll down until you see Misc. Click on the eye button. When you do that, you will remove all the Community Photos, Personal Photos and Daily Concept Art from the world map. If it doesn’t get fixed instantly, restart the game and you won’t see the pictures anymore. You can also hide individual photos when you hover on them. After that, press down on the D-pad. This is how you can hide photos in AC Valhalla easily.

In case you don’t want to see the photos at all, you can play offline. You can do this if nothing else is working for you. But, mostly, the aforementioned ways will work out so you don’t have to play without internet and lose out on the online-specific in-game content.

That’s all you need to know about how to hide photos in AC Valhalla. We’ve got an extensive Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki that has all the hidden secrets, locations, best weapons and gear that you can get your hands on. Also, if you want to know more about the River Raid game mode that has been added, our guides will give you all the tips to do well in that.

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