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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Fenn The Wistful Flyting Guide

If you want to know how to challenge and beat Fenn The Wistful in the Flyting battle, this guide will help you out. Know the right Flyting answers here.

Apart from the main challenges you encounter in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there are a lot of smaller side-challenges that you can take on. One of them is Flyting. In this guide, we will specifically focus on the Fenn The Wistful Flyting answers. We will provide you the right dialogue choices that will help you win against this NPC in this rap battle style Viking game.

Fenn The Wistful Flyting Answers in AC Valhalla

You will find Fenn in Wincestre’s northern region in front of a farmhouse (Hamtunscire). That’s the Flyting location where you have to go. You will find Fenn along with two other men as well. When you talk to him, you will get into a Flyting duel with him based on a bet.

Here are the right Fenn The Wistful Flyting answers that will help you win the battle:

“You are savage, uncouth, and care little for life. Like the rest of your kind, you breed mis’ry and strife. Both your hands bear the blood of one thousand dead men…”

  • When Fenn says this, reply with “Nay, one thousand’s a pittance, its closer to ten.”

“It’s a shame you’re so calloused by warfare and pain. That you’ll joke about death and treat life with disdain. Is it worth it, the killing, the torture, the slaves?”

  • After this, you have to reply with “It is not mine to judge, only fill up the graves.”

“Yes, your avarice means that you’ll just never see. That this war will not grant immortality. You have one life to live, so why throw it away?”

  • As a reply for the final verse, you have to say “To ensure that I’ll sit in Valhalla one day.”

With these appropriate responses, you will be able to win the Flyting duel against Fenn The Wistful in AC Valhalla. If you want Fenn to repeat a verse, you can totally ask him to do so.


Once you have defeated him, he will accept his loss. Eivor’s win will get you some charisma and silver boost which is a sweet reward for such an easy task.

That’s all about this particular Flying battle but if you want to know all Flyting duels location in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, we’ve got you covered. And for everything else, head over to our extensive AC Valhalla wiki guide right here.