How To Defeat The Walloper In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Defeat the Walloper to complete a world quest.

While exploring the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will encounter a world quest named “The Walloper.” You will get the quest in Grantebridgescire at a small village located between the Black Peak and Walden. The quest will ask you to defeat a man named Walloper in AC Valhalla in a fistfight. Winning the fight against Walloper is challenging as his wallop is strong and can take a toll on your health. Hence, in this fight guide, we will walk you through how to defeat the Walloper in AC Valhalla.

AC Valhalla: How to Beat The Walloper

To defeat the Wallper in AC Valhalla you need to parry his wallop and use a stun attack on him. As mentioned earlier, the Walloper’s wallop is very powerful. Parrying his wallop will help you dodge it and then you can use a stun attack to defeat him in this fight.

how to beat the walloper in ac valhalla

The fight begins with interaction with two children you will find fighting each other at the quest location. The children will inform Eivor about their grandfather who can defeat all his foes in a single wallop. While the conversation is still on, the Walloper will join it. At the end of the conversation, the Walloper will ask Eivor for a fight. If you choose to take on the wallop, the fight will commence.

how to beat the walloper in assassin's creed valhalla

Once the fight begins lookout for his punches as a single punch will lead to your defeat. He will always attack after a prompt. Wait for the prompt and then dodge his punch by stepping behind or aside, or by parrying. Let the Walloper use his strength while you dodge the attacks. Once the stamina of your opponent goes down, use heavy attacks to destroy his shield. Once the shield is gone, a single stun attack will beat the Walloper in AC Valhalla.

how to defeat the walloper in assassin's creed valhalla

After the defeat, the Walloper will give you a key to his house. Take the key and unlock his house to find the treasure. This will complete “The Walloper” quest.

how to defeat the walloper world quest in ac valhalla

That’s how you defeat the Walloper in AC Valhalla to complete “The Walloper” world quest in Grantebridgescire. While in this location also look out for the traitor of Grantebridgescire. You can also find out several Book of Knowledge locations that are used to unlock abilities at this location.