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Should You Give Or Deny Axe To Dag: AC Valhalla (A Brewing Storm Quest)

Should you give or deny Dag his axe after the boss fight in A Brewing Storm? THIS is the best AC Valhalla Dag choice that affects the ending.

Give or Deny Dag’s Axe in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? This is a crucial choice you will need to make in this game. Speaking of decisions, some may be based on morals, some may not impact the story while some can alter the ending. This is one such choice that will affect the ending of this game. So, in the AC Valhalla Dag choice, should you give or deny his axe? What are the consequences of both choices and how do the outcomes affect Eivor? Find out about this in this A Brewing Storm quest guide.

AC Valhalla Dag Choice: Should I Give or Deny Axe? (Best Choice)


When you finish the Dag boss fight in A Brewing Storm, you will have to choose if you want to give or deny axe to Dag. Based on your decision, this is how the AC Valhalla Dag choice turns out (spoilers ahead):

If you deny Dag his axe, you will kick it away from him while he whimpers. With it, you deny him entry to Valhalla. You refuse to give Dag what every Viking warrior dreams of.

If you give Dag his axe, you will tell him to take it and fly to Odin’s hall. With good wishes, you send him off to Valhalla.

So, should you give Dag his axe?

Yes, in this AC Valhalla Dag choice, you should give Dag his axe because later on in the game, Sigurd will appreciate this. If you choose to deny him, Sigurd will not like your choice further ahead. This is because denying him his axe is not an appreciable thing to do as a Viking even though Dag was a pain in your behind most of the time.

If you pick the best choice in this situation, you will get the true ending and if you don’t, if will turn out differently for you based on your other choices as well.

That’s what you need to do in this choice. For more help with the quests, collectibles and late game content, head over to our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki guide. You will even find some hidden secrets that you might miss out in your first playthrough so go ahead and check it out.