How To Beat Erik Loyalskull In AC Valhalla

Use these tips to defeat Erik Loyalskull in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

There are 6 Lost Drengr in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and killing them is Eivor’s duty. They want to reach Valhalla and wat Eivor to defeat them in battle but it should be a proper and genuine fight. So, how to beat Erik Loyalskull (A Drengr) in AC Valhalla? Find out here.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Defeat Erik Loyalskull?

To meet the first Lost Drengr, Erik Loyalskull, you have to visit Rygjafylke and find a cave in Hildesvini’s Crag. Once you talk to him, he will tell you about King Ragnar and ask you to fight him. In order to beat him, you need to understand his attacks. Erik Loyalskull can hit you with a five-hit axe throw, he can do a basic and heavy overhead attack and a Runic attack. You are recommended to have Power Level 50 to beat him easily.


The counter his arracks, you need to first parry his attacks that have an orange glow. When he does his throwing axe combo, you can block it with your shield or dodge it. Lastly when he initiates his Runic attack, you need to dodge it and move away from him. This will be indicated by a red symbol so you can get prepared at that point. Even for the heavy overhead attack, it’s best to avoid it when it shows up in red. Whenever you have opportunities to attack, swing your melee weapon and lower his health. Keep an eye on those attacks which don’t flash in red because you can parry them to stagger him. Don’t forget to do a stun attack with R3. Finally, use arrows to lower his health significantly – aim for the head and other glowing areas.

Be patient in this boss fight because you need to attack and parry at the right moments. If you keep swinging your weapon aggressively, you may get killed easily because this is a powerful warrior after all. He will counter and parry you.

That’s basically the rules you can follow to beat Erik Loyalskull in AC Valhalla. Defeating him will get you a spear weapon. Don’t miss our other boss battle guides on how to beat Kjotve the Cruel and Rued.