Team Sonic Racing All Abilities And What They Do?

Some super powers you can use when you are driving fast

Team Sonic Racing offers you an additional boost through Driving Abilities, a kind of extra power you can grab on the track during the racing. These can be a boost, power-up, bonus boxes, drift boost, mod pods, etc. In this Team Sonic Racing abilities guide you can learn about what all special abilities you can unlock during the racing or before you start it.

All Abilities And What They Do?

  1. Speed-Type Ability: Speed type racers expel a Radial Burst destroying any incoming projectiles threading their lead.
  2. Technique-Type Ability: Technique-type racers can drive across any surface without experiencing a slowdown.
  3. Power-Type Ability: Power-type racers can smash through hazards without experiencing a slowdown.
  4. Bonus Boxes: Bonus Boxes contain a variety of one-off upgrades that can improve your chances of victory.
  5. Difficulty Settings: Need more of a challenge? Turning up the difficulty makes the cars faster and the enemies tougher. Can you handle the speed?
  6. Drift Boost: Holding the drift for a long time gives you a boost once released. The longer the drift, the more powerful the boost.
  7. Earning Credits: The score you earn at the end of the race will be converted into Credits. Earn more points for more credits.
  8. Online Emblems: Play well online to improve your rank and earn emblems. The better you rank, the better you emblem.
  9. Performance Modifications: Change the stats and handling of your vehicle with Performance Modifications. You can unlock more with Mod Pods.
  10. Rings: Collect Rings from the track and spun-out opponents to increase your top speed. keep hold of them and they’ll count towards your final score.
  11. Start Line Boost: Get a Start Line Boost at the start of the race by pressing Accelerate on each count of the countdown.
  12. Stunts: Execute mid-air stunts in any direction. A successful landing will reward you with a boost!. The more stunts you perform increases the level of boost received (max 3).
  13. Unblocks: Collecting keys and completing all events on a single chapter will unlock vehicle customization pieces like Horns, Paint Kit, and Vinyls.
  14. Vehicle Customization: Horns: Swap out your Horn sound for something more exciting in the vehicle customization screen.
  15. Vehicle Customization: Paint: Tired of a drab old paint job? Give your vehicle a color overhaul in Garage!
  16. Vehicle Customization: Vinyl’s: Fancy customizing the look of your vehicle? Make your vehicle stand out by unlocking and applying custom Vinyl.

You can check out for all these additional features in Team Sonic Racing and for more info, you can also read on how to unlock New Vehicle Mods.