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Genshin Impact – A Long Shot Walkthrough

Here's a quick guide on how to defeat Dvalin in Genshin Impact.

A Long Shot is a quest in Genshin Impact. Unlike other quests in Genshin Impact, A Long Shot is a bit hard to get it completed. If you have been having trouble completing this quest then this guide will teach you the same in the simplest way possible.


Genshin Impact A Long Shot Guide

Venture Beyond The Seal

In order to complete A Long Shot in Genshin Impact, you will have to venture into the depth of Dvalin’s lair and get rid of everything that has been pestering him. The recommended party level is 26. Once you reached level 26, you will have to speak to Venti. Doing this will open the ‘Domain Entrance’ menu.

If you are unable to open this menu, you will have to come back and redo the same domain. If that’s the case then you will have to fight the same boss again at a higher difficulty. To do so, you will need to enhance your character’s Lv and Adventurer Rank.

Ride the winds to defeat Dvalin

The moment you start fighting with Dvalin, you will realize that the fight is quite similar as you fought him over Mondstadt at the beginning of the game. Venti will lend his power to stay afloat while we shoot Ameno energy at Dvalin. He will also tell us about 2 Shiny Spots on Dvalin’s back. In order to bring Dvalin dow, you will have to shot these Shiny spots.


Genshin Impact A Long Shot

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The only difference between this and Mondstadt’s fight is Dvalin will attack you very smartly this week. What all you need to do is to attack him constantly and get his HP gauge to like 55-60% and he will fly away.

There are three colours of energy:

  • Blue: The blue beams movie in your general direction and are not aimed at you whatsoever. It completely depends on you whether you hit them or not.
  • Purple: Purple beams are way faster than the blue beams. They usually come in a group of three. So, the moment you see them coming out of Dvalin’s back, make sure to move to a side to avoid them.
  • Green: Greem beams are the ones that every Genshin Impact players are interested in. Make sure to hit them whenever you see them. Shooting Green beams will create a wind current, that will help you to catch up to Dvalin.


Whenever you come across any Green Orbs, shot them and move your character towards the wind current to move forward. After doing this, you will have to avoid some more energy orbs while you wait for the next green orb. Rinse and repeat.  After depleting his HP, you will have to go to the actual arena and fight him again.

Defeat Dvalin

Defeating Dvalin is the first-ever boss fight in Genshin Impact. He might look intimidating but he is quite easy to defeat if you know what he does. Notably, during the fight, Dvalin maintains a distance from you, making it difficult for you to attack him.

What all you need to do is to wait for him to make his move before you can attack.  The best moment to attack Dvalin is ‘Air Gust’. He holds on to the platform where you start releasing a gust of air from his mouth. There is no better moment than this to inflict heavy damage to him.

At the top of the screen, there is white gauge below his HP gauge, which is called ‘shield’. The moment you attack any claws, this gauge will instantly deplete and he will knock over the platform. This will give you enough time to climb his neck and attack that blood clot on his back.

Be alert while fighting him and make sure to use wind currents to move from one platform to another. If any mini cutscenes play as you’re moving in between platforms you’ll fall to the depths and take damage.

When Dvalin uses his ace in the hole, all platforms are cracked. These cracked platforms can easily be destroyed by Dvalin if he hits them enough times. Since you have a very limited time, be quick while fighting him.

Sweep, Energy beams, Air Guest and Caelestinum Finale Termini are the attacks of Dvalin. If you do as we stated here, you would not take too much time to defeat Dvalin in Genshin Impact.

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