A Hero’s Destiny Trello Link & Discord Server? (2023)

Here is the Discord Server for A Hero's Destiny and let's check if it has Trello.

Many players are looking for the Trello and Discord server links for A Hero’s Destiny. This is a game developed by Wrongful Studios for Roblox. Here the goal is to become the strongest and you can do that by battling different enemies, training with friends, and doing other quests. And having information on these quests can help achieve this goal faster. So without further ado let us check if A Hero’s Destiny has a Trello and check the Discord server and other important links for this game.

A Hero’s Destiny Trello Link?

a heros destiny trello link and discord server

At the time of writing this article, A Hero’s Destiny does not have a Trello. In case the game makes one in the future, we will add that link here.

But don’t feel disheartened because of the game not having a Trello. There are plenty of other platforms where you can follow the developer to get updates for this game.

A Hero’s Destiny Discord Server

discord server for a heros destiny

Here is the official Discord server for A Hero’s Destiny. You can join it to talk to the other community members of A Hero’s Destiny.

Other Useful links for this game

  • YouTube: You can subscribe to the creator’s channel to get upcoming update previews, and other information.
  • Twitter: You can follow @sean21307 on Twitter to get new codes and any news and updates for this game. If you enjoy the games by this developer then you can also find updates for Demon Blade Tycoon and Find The Pandas here.

Game Codes

While the game might not have a Trello it does support the use of codes. The game has several working codes that you can use to get various boosts and spins. I suggest you check our guide on A Hero’s Destiny Codes, here we keep all the active and expired codes regularly updated for the game.

Game Controls

Here are the PC controls for A Hero’s Destiny:

  • Z: Train
  • X: Lockon
  • N: Equip Sword (Ninja)
  • Q: Ability 1
  • E: Ability 2
  • R: Ability 3
  • F: Ability 4
  • C: Ability 5
  • G: Awakening
  • Ctrl: Sprint

That covers this guide on the Trello Link and Discord Server for A Hero’s Destiny. Don’t forget to check our Roblox section to get Trello links and codes for other such games.