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Lost Ark 802 Gear – How To Get & Go From Item Level 302 To 802

Read this guide to learn how to get 802 gear in Lost Ark.

Reaching Item Level 802 in Lost Ark helps you gain access to a host of impressive gear that will further enhance your gameplay experience. However, since this item level is so high, coupled with the fact that you need to reach tier 2 to get to it, it can be rather complicated to acquire such gear. In this guide, we will make things much easier, by showing you all you need to do in order to get your hands on the Level 802 Gear in Tier 2 of Lost Ark.

How to Get 802 Gear in Lost Ark – Item Level 302 to 802



In order to get to item level 802 and access all of the gear it offers in Lost Ark, you first need to clear tier 1 content. To do so, you need to complete level 50 and make it to Vern Castle.

Doing so will give you a variety of different endgame content that you need to play through. You need to keep honing your gear to increase your item level.


You will begin at an Item Level of 302. From here, you need to get onto level 460. Doing so will take you to Rohendel, where you will be able to unlock the next level of Tier 1 endgame content.

To get to Tier 2 and Yorn from here, you will need to reach a level of 600. Reaching level 600 requires you to ensure all your gear is at level 15 or more. Once you get to 600, you can head to Yorn. You can keep grinding here to get Tier 2 gear, or you can simply go to the Auction House and buy the gear directly. You can perform a Gear Transfer for your Tier 1 gear. Doing so will get you to level 802, allowing you to get your hands on the gear that comes with it.

So there you have it. This was our guide on how to get Item Level 802 gear in Lost Ark. As you can see, doing so is an extremely fun process that you will definitely enjoy. And now that you know how to get this gear, take a look at our guide on How to Increase & Upgrade Item Level in Lost Ark.