Players Solved 36 Million Science Puzzles in Borderlands 3 in a Month

36 million science puzzles were solved in Borderlands

Gearbox Software shared the statistics of the Borderlands Science game on its website. This is a mini-game that was added one month ago to Borderlands 3 to help real scientists study the human intestines.

Borderlands Science is a puzzle of lining up a series of identical blocks called nucleotides. The solution to the puzzles should help to identify gaps in the data set of researchers.

Since the appearance of a slot machine in Borderlands 3, it has attracted more than 700 thousand users, almost 250 thousand of which joined the initiative only in the last two weeks.

In just a month, more than 36 million puzzles were solved by community efforts. That is, 1.2 million puzzles were solved by players every day. In total, gamers spent more than 86 years in Borderlands Science.

Borderlands Science was created with the participation of the scientific initiative The Microsetta Initiative, the public organization Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS), and the McGill University of Canada, whose representatives expressed gratitude to gamers.

Attila Szantner, the head of MMOS, said that she is very grateful to the Borderlands community for their contribution to the research. The audience turned out to be large, and she hopes that this success will encourage developers of other games to include science projects in their games.

Borderlands 3 is available on PC (Epic Games Store, Steam), PS4 and Xbox One, and on Google Stadia. In late April, Gearbox Software released a major update for their project, which makes changes to Mayhem mode.