343 Industries Working To “Help Develop A New Project in The Halo Universe”

It would appear that 343 Industries is working on another project besides Halo Infinite, as confirmed by a job advertisement that the American company has posted on its official website.

The role sought would be that of Producer in 343 Industries who, citing specific occupations, will “help develop a new project in the Halo universe.” The intention is therefore for a new project, however, we do not know if it is still in the early stages or if development has already begun. On the internet, speculations and theories about this possible new game have already started and here are some of them.

By analyzing the situation of the Halo franchise well, it can be understood that a spin-off would be more than possible, given the great success of Halo Wars 2, the 2017 RTS beloved by many fans of the Master Chief saga, we could expect a sequel, which it would send users into raptures.

However, there is also a sentence pronounced by the head of 343 Games Chris Lee during an interview: “Halo Infinite is a platform for the future.” These words, which to the less attentive could be a mere slogan, instead of implying that the title could become a real “Game as a Service,” with continuous updates and expansions, along the lines of games like Destiny 2.

It must be said that 343 Industries has not fared well in recent months. With the disastrous reveal of the Halo Infinite gameplay, shown at the Xbox Experience this summer and the subsequent postponement of the title for a year, the software house had to roll up its sleeves and is probably working hard even now to respect the new deadline or end of 2021.

Furthermore, it is to be hoped that, with the new project in the pipeline, the company will be able to manage the work of both titles. We just have to wait for new information about it, while we keep our fingers crossed for a new Halo Wars.