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xQc: Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, Why Was He Banned or Suspended?

Check out xQc biography including his net worth, family, girlfriend as well as the story behind his suspension.

xQc is a very popular and professional Canadian Overwatch player. His real name is Felix Lengyel. He is a very well-known Twitch streamer who has gathered more than a million followers on the same streaming network. Many people are curious to know why xQc was banned as well as what is his net worth, who is his girlfriend and more. Keep reading to know more about it.

xQc Wiki


xQc started his career with Overwatch League in the main tank position for the Dallas Fuel team before he was thrown out due to several non-stop disputes. He also participated in the Overwatch World Cup in 2017 and 2018, and played there as the main tank for the team of Canada.

He started his career with the Overwatch team “Q?” that caught the interest of Denial esports and got himself picked. After the team got split, xQc and his teammates continued to play under another pseudonym of “YIKES” which they later renewed to Arch 6.

xQc Girlfriend


xQc Biography

Before being called as xQc, the streamer was born as Felix Lengyel in Laval, Quebec, Canada on November 12, 1995. There is hardly much information about the player’s birth and family background, although, it is confirmed that he is a Canadian national.

Felix uses the acronym xQc from his last name letter and the abbreviation for Quebec where he originated from. There is also not much information on his educational background. His qualifications were also never made public.


xQc Net Worth 2021

The net worth of xQc is not less than $1.1 million US dollars. All his earning is believed to come from his playing career or from streaming the video game contents through his Twitch account. In 2019, xQc was hired on Twitch’s own list of content creators as a variety streamer. His monthly net worth (currently) is estimated to be between $300K – $800K (USD).

Why was xQc Banned/Suspended?

There are many controversies surrounding around xQc. In his whole career, Lengyel has faced many suspensions over the years. Before he joined the Dallas Fuel team, the streamer got his account suspended for not obeying the Terms of Use of Blizzard in the Overwatch game.


The first suspension happened in November 2017 and he received the same message in a competitive match of Overwatch. xQc was suspended for 72-hours for this issue.  The next suspension followed in December 2017 and this time the streamer was suspended for full 7-days during a competitive match organized by Blizzard. xQc also publicly apologized for this suspension via a video.

xQc Girlfriend in 2021 & Family

xQc’s parents got divorced when he was at the age of 1 and he grew up with his brother, Nicolas, in shared custody.

Currently, nobody knows who is the real girlfriend of xQc, but many people have noticed her voices in the videos streamed by him. In 2019, the streamer uploaded a photo of a girl which may suggest she might be his girlfriend, however, it was not confirmed yet.

In addition, there is no information regarding her past love life. As there is a lack of transparency regarding his personal life, it is not known whether he is single or in a relationship. Although he has not revealed any information regarding his love life, however, there are rumors that he has been dating his girlfriend for a long time.